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What about DUI while sitting in car passage seat?
Received DUI while car is parked in front of friends house sitting in the passager seat. Car was running. First time no tickets, what might happen
In order to sustain a DUI conviction, it must be proved that you are the driver of the car. Here you are in the...
What is the statue to file dui charges? He just got court papers for Feb 22 or 23, that Monday. Can they file dui 4mths later?
A friend was in a small fender bender on Tulalip reservation in Oct 31 2015. Police were called and he was held, and had to take a breathalyzer. He blew a low number and was not charged or arrested. He was let go a couple hours later
The statute of limitations for DUI is two years. Four months is very common.
What are my options in this situation? Was this arrest even legal, given the fact my disability was ignored?
First DUI. I was pulled over for speeding (cruise control set to 61mph in a 60. Trooper said I was doing 96mph!) I informed the trooper I have a neurological disability that affects muscle tone after he said my speech was slurred, but ignored the medical ID bracelet I presented. He then asked me to step out of the car for the voluntary field sobriety test and I politely refused on the grounds of my disability. That's when he decided to place me under arrest. After reading my Miranda rights, I consented to a breath test and was under the legal limit. My car was impounded and he ordered a warrant for a blood test, then took me home afterward. I wasn't issued ANY ticket or citation. My documented disability (had my doctor fill out a form for DOL so I could get a license) was ignored and I wasn't intoxicated. No charges have even been filed yet.
It is likely the state will wait until the blood draw results come back from the crime lab. That can take several...
Pulled over for DUI, but breath test was invalid.
I was pulled over for suspicion of DUI last night. After the field sobriety test, the officer took me in. However, the breath test administered came back as invalid. The officer said it wasn't working right. He gave me my license and car registration back. What next? Did he get me off with just a warning?
I would be very interested in speaking with you about the agency that arrested you, the location of the facility where...
How much time will I likely be looking at for guilty plea on 2nd DUI. Who, where, how do I respond to regarding the divorce ?
I had an in depth explanation until I found out there is a limit. Long story short. Arrested 07/07 on multiple charges including DUI refusal. Pled in 08 to DUI over .08 or whatever. Only DUI and never taken deferral. 1 other criminal driving conviction, DWLS 3rd Deg in 07. Planned to retain attorney and seek a dismissal. That was until I was blindsided with divorce while in voluntary inpatient. Wife has wealthy parents and is out for blood. I am not so fortunate. Any and all money I have has been taken. She has sold all assets for payoffs and forfeited all equity. Home I have been paying mortgage on is in father in laws name and has 100k equity. Recently served restraining order on behalf of wife, child and residence. I am now broke, jobless, homeless, and familyless. I am in the streets and fighting to see my 18 mo. old daughter. I am now considering pleading guilty and taking full sentence in order to reduce one more thing on my plate so I can focus on custody of my daughter I have not seen in over 90 days. For the sake of my questions, my criminal history consists of no felonies, a MIP, disorderly, 3rd degree assault, trespassing, obstruction, DUI, DWLS, all 07 or older.
First you need to apply for and get a court appointed attorney. Pleading guilty will NOT "reduce one more thing on [...
Good place to get a fair DUI assessment in Everett area?
Are there places in Snohomish county that are likely to be more fair in doing a DUI assessment? (I saw an old thread on here about the same topic, but the answers were from 2010.)
I like Assessment and Treatment Associates in Mountlake Terrace.
Does the warrant for blood draw have to have the date and time of issuance on it to be valid? Cause my copy is blank.
Had a car accident.
There are a bunch of factors that goes into the analysis of a warrant for blood. You need to sit down with an attorney...