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    Tuesday Dec 2 | via Daily Mail 

    'Screw you, monster Bill': Janice Dickinson breaks down live on CNN as she explains in graphic detail how he 'drugged and raped her' in Lake Tahoe hotel room in 1982 'Those aren't black people, those are scumbags': Charles Barkley reveals what he thinks of Ferguson rioters as he reveals support for grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson Two members of popular Princeton 'dining club' forced to resign over string of sexist emails including one featuring woman performing sex act at club venue Woman who was being strangled by a SEATBELT that tightened round her neck after her three-year-old daughter wrapped it round her in a tantrum is saved by passing trooper Pictured: Nordstrom worker gunned down by her stalker ex-boyfriend on Black Friday... after she was denied a protection order to keep him away Police 'probe anti-Semitic death threats' against Paris Hilton and father Rick by ... (more)


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He owes child support.
You can try. If you call the police with a location for a fugitive they will likely come out to see if they can't make...
I was offered a job at a amazing company. I filled out and sent in all my paperwork and they informed me there would be a background check. I had no worries. She told me I would probably start the following Monday. That was 2 weeks ago!! They kept telling me the office was backlogged with tons of checks so it would take a while. Last Friday was my last day at my old job. Now I get a call it was red flagged due to DUI's in 2004 and 2007! Will that cost me this job? They already offered it to me so I am now unemployed.
Any criminal offenses can affect your chances of getting certain jobs. DUI's are particularly tricky, especially if it...
Back then I had 3 dwi within 10 years.
Yes, among many other things. Whatever you do, DO NOT try this on your own! Contact an attorney with significant...
I have never been in trouble with the law before, should I travel outside the us?
Consult an immigration attorney immediately.
It is her first offense. All the kids took the breathilizer. Court is Tue. Do they plead not guilty and pay the fine and take the supervision? Thank you.
Considering your daughter's criminal record is at stake, I would kindly but strongly recommend you retain a Criminal...
I am from Indiana and got a owi in michigan
Yes it does - if you want to retain the privilege to drive in New York State. Failure to pay the DRA's will result in...