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Need advice on 1st time oui, need to find out how i can get my license back and how fast.
happened a week ago, 1st time oui, did not take breathalizer.
A breath test refusal is an automatic license suspension for 6 months. Depending upon the facts of your case, you...
A man convicted of dui william power servicing a sentence of 26to 33 yrs what would u do for him
All detail are on william power s . For the driving accindent s .
What is the question?
What are my chances of getting my physical custody back after a DUI from 3 years ago?
My daughter 12 she has severe Crohns diagnosed at 10 my ex got physical custody in 2011 using my daughters absences of school to get it saying I just wasn't sending her..when in fact I had all medical documentation proving otherwise it was a shallow way of him to get it...however he can not take care of her medically he has missed many apts including her Remicade (chemo) causing her to build up antibodies against it I have a letter from her doctors in Boston saying that they on feel comfortable of my daughters care when she is with me I've been fighting to get back physical ever since and I find that the judge won't even look at the letters! However my DUI was from 3 yrs ago I dont ever drink like ever in fact her dad Is the one that goes out and drinks and drinks at home all the time!
I am sorry you are going through this. I would focus on your ex-husband's failure to provide proper care for your child;...
Should I get a lawyer or stay with a public defender?
I got 6 criminal chargers which are Unregistered MV Fail to stop at stop signs Attaching plates Refuse to stop Operate MV without license Unregistered MV I just want to know what can be done in my case. I don't have a regular court date I have a clerks magistrates hearing
You don't get a public defender for a clerk magistrate's hearing because it is considered a civil hearing and not...
Can you be charged with driving with revoked license if you have never been issued a license?
My husband was stopped while driving with an international license which is not an acceptable license to drive with in mass, but they charged him with driving with a revoked license. From my understanding he was never issued a mass license therefore cannot have a revoked license. In addition was charged with not wearing a seatbelt. I was under the impression seatbelt laws were enforced with tickets not arrests.
The correct charge should be "unlicensed operation." That is an arrest able offense, not the seat belt violation. It is...
I got a dui in California and I'm disabled also own a home in Brockton ma. With all the fee s I cannot afford to pay for them.
I own a home in mass and would like to have it transferred from ca. To ma. Because of all the fines and I am disabled and could live there for a less expensive home? 1st is it even possible? 2nd how do I go about it. And it's my 2nd dui PLEASE ADVISE THANK YOU STEPHEN A. KAIRIS
All things are possible consult with your criminal and real estate Attorney's for your plan of action.
I have a trial date coming up and i feel like my lawyer as just given up on it and isn't really even trying.what should I do?
I have a trial date for driving suspended after an oui and I'm really scared because there is a mandatory minimum on it and my lawyer is being very quite and cold and not talking to me
Express your concerns with him/ her. Sometimes being "quiet and cold" is just the lawyer's personality, that doesn't...