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Can I go to prison for having a diluted urine drug test?
I have been out on parole, after a 6 year non drug related case, for nearly a year and a half. No problems or infractions thus far. I had my first drug test today and it came back diluted. I have health issues and drink a lot of water. Is it possible I can be violated if this is my only offense and I've finished all my parole stipulations already?
Diluted is often misused by examiners to mean an excessively hydrated sample ("drink a lot of water."). It really...
Can dcfs in the state of Illinois watch me give a drug test in my home I have a current case so I do randoms
When baby was born tested pos for cocaine I did not merconia test showed no cocaine it was a false positive they used previous case and drug use to stick around I have random drug screens in my home but I don't feel they should be able to watch the same as probation
Your feelings are not enough. In order to do a valid test, they must watch.
Does the abstract check the PDPS or the NDR when ran?
OWI conviction in Iowa on Illinois license. conviction occurred in April 2015. I have a had a court purposes abstract ran in March 2016 and license is clear and valid with nothing showing up
The Court Purposes abstract is independent of the PDPS check. Unless the state where the offense occurred has...
How can you get a dui by walking to your broke down car?
The car broke down i left to get help and when i came back i was arrested for dui
Not sure why this was posted under lemon law. I will re-post so that you get answers regarding viable defenses to...
Can a DUI revoke my intense probation?
I'm currently on intense probation in Illinois and my wife got sick and threw up all over inside of the car. So I went to clean the car out and was pulled over for driving on suspended license and a DUI.
General conditions of any probation include obey all laws. You definitely need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.
Can I get my DUI supervision reinstated?
Got a DUI in 1995, did classes and victim impact panel, but did not appear at the end of supervision date and my supervision was revoked and a conviction was entered in 1996. I know it is very old, but there is an outstanding warrant so maybe the case is technically still open. I am wanting to go back in to get the supervision reinstated and then satisfactorily terminated so the "license revocation" will be removed. Can this be done? And if not, what am I supposed to do now? I don't live in Illinois anymore, but just want to clear this up
You need to contact the attorney who handled this matter or another attorney to address this for you. Although you no...
Will I be credited for the time I spent on house arrest when I am sentenced on my DUI....
I am due to plead guilty on a aggravated DUI...
Probably, but not necessarily. Some judges will not allow it, depending on the facts of your case, the charges against...