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My license was suspended for OMVI (3rd offense) while I resided in Ohio. I have since moved to NJ a few years ago. Just the other day I received upon request, a motion to obtain my full license again. My question is, do I have to pay a license reinstatement to both Ohio and NJ? Just NJ? or Just OH?
You have to do whatever Ohio requires. In NJ you should not have had a license at all since your Ohio license was...
Driving on a suspended from a dui
Maybe. Knowing nothing about the issues in your case, I cannot opine. 2C 40-26 is excluded from the presumption of...
My friend got a dui last night. She got one about 6 years ago when she was living in Delaware. In Delaware, after 5 years it would be considered a first offense. She now lives in New Jersey, and New Jersey is where she got her dui last night. Will the 5 year rule still apply even though New Jersey says if it's within 10 years it's a second offense?
Unfortunately, NJ law will apply and she will be considered a second offense. David Bradley Bradley Law Firm, LLC...
I have a 2 year suspended sentance, and have see these bikes(scooters) for sale, I have read the federal law, about being under 750 volts and a max speed of 20 miles per hour , are they a viable means of transportation for me ?
you need to find the exact law relative to electric bycles/mopeds. In most states they do not require a drivers...
I had been arrested for DUI in PA back in 2008. I was eligible for ARD which if successfully completed with a 6 month probation period will expunge my criminal record but not my driving record. I have completed the program and probation as of January of 2009. As of right now New Jersey is unaware of the DUI because I have been able to purchase auto insurance without an increase in rates. However my question is, is it possible that the DUI which was expunged in PA some how show up on a New Jersey driving record?
One big question is whether PA reported an administrative suspension to NJ. My experience with NJ clients is that NJ...
i was terminated from my job after being told i drank to much and became a liabilty to the comcpany. is a company able to fire someone without warning, because of alcoholism. im curious to know if I have any recourse for being fired for being an alcoholic. i was never offered and help. If i do have recourse who do i contact.
I do not however, practice law in New Jersey and I am not familiar with the laws there. While I can speak in...