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  • Bike broken in half after collision with dump truck

    Jun 21, 2016 | via Lake Cowichan Gazette 

    The Terrace RCMP responded to approximately 156 calls for service from June 16th, 8 am till June 21st, 8 am. During the same time period twenty seven people were lodged in Terrace Cells.


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  • Sting operation: Jellyfish targeted before they can ...

    Jun 19, 2016 | via CBS Atlanta 

    The Pixar sequel far-surpassed its already Ocean-sized expectations to take in $136.2 million in North American theaters, making it the highest-grossing... A week has passed since the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49 club patrons and the funeral processions are wrapping up, but survivors and victims' families say they realize the nightmare will live on... Although the killer is known, the investigation continues into what motivated and enabled Omar Mateen to carry out the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Authorities say the owner of an Ohio gun shop teaching a concealed carry class was fatally shot in the neck by a student who accidently fired a weapon.


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Brick Law

Is it possible to get my license back early from a dui in nj?
2 years ago i was charged with 2 seperate duis (about a week apart). Since I havent driven since it was suspended, would I be able to get my license back early/get at least one of the duis lifted? the first one it was suspended for 7 months and the second one it was suspended for 2 years
There is no way to get your license back early for a DWI in NJ. However, if you feel that you have a claim for post-...
I received an order of suspension of my drivers license back in 2005 for failure to appear since I moved back to New Jersey I we
I received an order of suspension of my drivers license back in 2005 for failure to appear since I moved back to New Jersey I went to court in 2014 and pled guilty to a dui refusal and was order that my license be suspended for 10 years since my license was suspended in 2005 for the failure to appear on this matter can I file a motion to have the 9 years as time towards the 10 years
no. The suspension for not appearing in court is completely separate from your tenure suspension for the dwi. Neither...
Is there any way of avoiding jail time (18 months) for driving on a suspended from a 3rd dui? I have two kids m a house
Driving on a suspended from a dui
Maybe. Knowing nothing about the issues in your case, I cannot opine. 2C 40-26 is excluded from the presumption of...
My friend got a DUI last night. She had one a few years back. Second offense?
My friend got a dui last night. She got one about 6 years ago when she was living in Delaware. In Delaware, after 5 years it would be considered a first offense. She now lives in New Jersey, and New Jersey is where she got her dui last night. Will the 5 year rule still apply even though New Jersey says if it's within 10 years it's a second offense?
Unfortunately, NJ law will apply and she will be considered a second offense. David Bradley Bradley Law Firm, LLC...
I am on a suspended licenes in NJ, and would like to know what the laws are regarding electric bicycles
I have a 2 year suspended sentance, and have see these bikes(scooters) for sale, I have read the federal law, about being under 750 volts and a max speed of 20 miles per hour , are they a viable means of transportation for me ?
you need to find the exact law relative to electric bycles/mopeds. In most states they do not require a drivers...
DUI expunged in PA does it show on NJ driving record?
I had been arrested for DUI in PA back in 2008. I was eligible for ARD which if successfully completed with a 6 month probation period will expunge my criminal record but not my driving record. I have completed the program and probation as of January of 2009. As of right now New Jersey is unaware of the DUI because I have been able to purchase auto insurance without an increase in rates. However my question is, is it possible that the DUI which was expunged in PA some how show up on a New Jersey driving record?
One big question is whether PA reported an administrative suspension to NJ. My experience with NJ clients is that NJ...
After a DUI, can I be forced to pay for weekly IDRC alcohol tests for 16 weeks if I am not a regular drinker?
I made a very big mistake in deciding to drive after having had too much to drink. No accident, no property damage. I was stopped and convicted of dui. I paid my court costs, I lost my license, I pay a monthly surcharge, I went to the 48 hour IDRC program. I also went for evaluation as directed by IDRC. Because alcohol is not even a minor part of my life, I know I have no addiction. I was told I could have an "extended evaluation" where I would be called at random four times. If I tested positive for alcohol at all, I would have to do the 16 weeks of counseling at my own expense. Not a problem. Then I was told they weren't going to do this. Though I didn't need counseling, I would have to be tested once a week for 16 weeks again, at my own expense. Is this legal? Or a money scam?
It is legal. I have my doubts about it as well. I believe there is provision of independent testing. To get 48 hours on...