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Pleading to a reduced charge (ex. DTE) on a DUI case in maine?
Recently I was arrested for a DUI in Maine. I am a first time offender and have an entirely clean record other than parking tickets which were promptly paid. That being said, my case carries an aggravating factor as I had a BAC of .20. I have not yet had my arraignment. Is there a good case or chance for me to plea to a reduced charge of DTE with ASP?
Your .20 test will make it extremely difficult to obtain a DTE resolution with out some other problem with the case....
Is thier a way to get around needing a letter of clearance from Mass. To get my Maine drivers license.
It's for a charge of drug possession from 14 years ago....I've never been convicted of any serious crime or oui or dwi and the warrant isn't extraditable. I showed to court for arrainment and missed second court date because of a snow blizzard.I just don't have the $ for a lawyer. This is were this gets difficult. I have no family or friends and I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I desperatly need to travel to medical appointments and I'm just in to much pain to walk anymore now that I have become would be nice to go fishing again too. Do I have any chance to get my maine license and just avoid massachusettes for the rest of my life? Thank you for your time
I must assume from the facts you gave that Massachusetts suspended your license for failing to appear on the drug...
Hello-I wanted to know if I had a few dui's over 20 years ago if I can still get my CDL in the state of Maine
I am currently in a CDL Program at NTI in Bangor Maine and while running the background check we found that my privilege to drive in the state of Massachusetts was revoked from DUI's over 20 years ago. I have had my license in both the state of RI and ME over the past 20 years and do not have any violations of this type and have not had anything major either since that time. Can I still get my CDL in the State of Maine and drive in the State of Massachusetts as long as I get my privileges in that state reinstated? Thank you for your assistance with this request.
Only agency to answer this is the licensing agency for getting a CDL call and ask or go online to see if your are...
How do I fight a oui
I got a oui. I failed walking in a straight line, but the cop made me blow on the breathalyzer 5 times before I blew the 8.0.
Hire an attorney. With a .08% test result, the case is very defensible.
When I was visiting bangor maine I ended up with a DUI. I'm from canada will that show on my record in canada or just for the us
Was found asleep in my car with the keys in the ignition trying to charge my phone. It was 3am. My cell phone died and had no way to contact a cab company or friend. Was not actually driving. Visiting bangor maine from canada.
Depends whether the US and Canada share information yet
How do I fix my dui in another state. That I don't live in or will ever return too.
I had a MN DL. Got a DUI in ME. Left the state with plans of never returning. Well they put a hold on my license/revoked. I took the written test an the DUI in MN. But the state of Maine said I must return and take a 2 week course. Before they will let me get my MN license back. There must be some other way around this. Who can pay for plane tickets an take two weeks off work. This has been over 10 years ago. Please help
I believe that you misunderstood what you were told. You can take the comparable Minnesota program. Call Maine's Driver...
I was charged with OUI for my legal prescription drugs (not narcotics). Is it possible to drop this to Reckless Driving?
I also received a summons for endangering the welfare of a child, because I had my newborn son in the car with me when I was arrested for the OUI. And finally, I received a third summons for leaving the scene of an accident. Let me just clarify--the OUI charge is not from alcohol or illegal drugs, but from on of my prescription medications that I had taken, I took both my morning dose together with my evening dose because I was worried what might happen if I missed a dose. I'm just wondering if this charge can be dropped down to a reckless driving charge? They won't provide me with a court-appointed attorney here because I make too much money $19K. But I need to know if there's any way around that OUI charge. And can I try to make a plea bargain with the D.A. without a lawyer?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....