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In NH, if I have a 1st offense DWI reduced to a penalty after a year, do I still have to wait 10 years to have it annulled?
More detail: In NH I understand that I have to wait 10 years after the conviction of a first-time DWI to begin the annulment process. If I have it reduced to a penalty after a year's time, do I still have to wait until 10 years have passed to have it annulled from my record? Furthermore, if I have an unrelated misdemeanor conviction prior to the first-time DWI, am I able to remove that misdemeanor before 10 years, or am I still stuck waiting for the time required to clear the DWI to pass before I can annul anything?
A DWI first offense in New Hampshire is charged as a class B misdemeanor. The law permits a court to reduce the...
Was I actually arrested? Did he have the right to impound our car? Should he have read our rights?
I was in a car that had was pulled over for speeding, the driver was 21 yrs old and had NOT been drinking. There was also 3 20 yr olds and myself in the car, I am 21 yrs old. There was beer in the car and myself and one of the 20 yr old had been drinking. Everyone in the car was taken into custody and the car was impounded for 24hrs. I was finger printed and the officer took mug shots on his cell phone, I was also never read my rights. I was charged with providing alcohol to a minor because one of the 20 yr old had been drinking as well. The officer told us that he was "doing us a favor and not making us pay bail". Was I actually arrested? and if so, did he have the right to impound our car even if the driver was sober and over 21? Should he have read me my rights?
The officer is only required to Mirandize (read your rights) if they begin questionning you if you are in custody. To...
What are the requirements for getting drivers license reinstated after 10 years after losing it to DUI?
I lost my license in NH from DUI over 10 years ago. The fines were paid but I never went to the DUI class they required. I moved out of state and haven't needed to drive. I am back in NH and would like to get my license back . Will I still be required to get SR22 ins and take the DUI class?
Unfortunately, yes. Here is a link to the requirements.
Do verbal dui warnings go on your record?
I got pulled over for switching out of the exit lane a little late. I was given the eye test and heel toe straight line test and the officer said she wasn't going to give me any of the other tests since she thought I was fine. However, when she came back to give me my license and registration, she said that she was just giving me a warning. She did not give me any written paper as a warning, just said it verbally.
Verbal warnings do not go on your record.
What countries can I not travel in with a DWI?
I have a DWI. Can I travel to Florida and the Bahamas?
You can travel to Florida since that isn't a foreign country. With respect to travel beyond that, it would likely...
Should my time be marked as already completed for my refusal to take a breathalyzer?
I was arrested (2010) and later plead guilty (same year) to driving without a license, OUI, and leaving the scene of an accident. I served my time and since then have recently taken all ordered therapy and classes. I had hearing to have habitual offender status removed (which was approved). They then told me that since I refused a breathalyzer after the incident in 2010 that now I have to wait another 180 days! Shouldn't that have already been marked done since I haven't had my license since the incident in 2010 and its been more than 7 years? They said it doesn't count since I was still marked as a habitual offender during those 7 years and did not drive. That to me sounds wrong and unfair. It seems like I am being double punished. I did everything ordered and have stayed out of trouble for 7 years and now that I have a job that requires my license and I go to get it back I am being penalized again? I was never told this rule before and I can not find anything online that says the administrative suspension only starts counting after I am no longer a habitual offender or else I would have filed a long time ago before I needed my license.
Because it was an ALS refusal, they are tacking it on the end because it cannot run concurrent with any other license...
Arrested for drugs and alcohol transportation
I was recently pulled over for not using a blinker, I am under 21 and they found an unopened case of alcohol and a bowl pack of marijuana in the car. I am being charged with transportation of drugs and alcohol and this is my first offense, could I possibly be facing any jail time?
The alcohol charge is a violation, but The marijuana charge is a misdemeanor crime. It can be charged as a class A or B....