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If the initial cuase for a stop resulting in a dui can be surpessed, can the resulting dui be dissmissed based on that?
for example if the initial charge was running a stop sign but you can prove you didnt, then were charched with dui as aresult of the stop
Yes, if the police officer did not have reasonable and articulable suspicion to believe you committed a motor vehicle...
Hello i was passenger in my car i had someone drive me home cause i was drunk he rooled truck when i woke up he was gone can i
the driver i had giving my ride home was some guy i had just meet earlier in the evening all i know is his first name so im not much help to police with his or who this guy was so what i am asking is atho i was not driving but he left me there so am i looking at charges from this bad night or i geuss can you help me understand what i may be faceing !i left the truck to find a phone to call so i did leave my truck but i had no chioce i had to get help so
You need to talk to a criminal defense attorney who can investigate and hopefully help. There may have been witnesses...
In NH, if I have a 1st offense DWI reduced to a penalty after a year, do I still have to wait 10 years to have it annulled?
More detail: In NH I understand that I have to wait 10 years after the conviction of a first-time DWI to begin the annulment process. If I have it reduced to a penalty after a year's time, do I still have to wait until 10 years have passed to have it annulled from my record? Furthermore, if I have an unrelated misdemeanor conviction prior to the first-time DWI, am I able to remove that misdemeanor before 10 years, or am I still stuck waiting for the time required to clear the DWI to pass before I can annul anything?
A DWI first offense in New Hampshire is charged as a class B misdemeanor. The law permits a court to reduce the...
Was I actually arrested? Did he have the right to impound our car? Should he have read our rights?
I was in a car that had was pulled over for speeding, the driver was 21 yrs old and had NOT been drinking. There was also 3 20 yr olds and myself in the car, I am 21 yrs old. There was beer in the car and myself and one of the 20 yr old had been drinking. Everyone in the car was taken into custody and the car was impounded for 24hrs. I was finger printed and the officer took mug shots on his cell phone, I was also never read my rights. I was charged with providing alcohol to a minor because one of the 20 yr old had been drinking as well. The officer told us that he was "doing us a favor and not making us pay bail". Was I actually arrested? and if so, did he have the right to impound our car even if the driver was sober and over 21? Should he have read me my rights?
The officer is only required to Mirandize (read your rights) if they begin questionning you if you are in custody. To...
Will a dwi from last year in mass be counted towards a dwi in newhampshire this year?
my father called me saying he had was found on the side of the road and refused his breath test, so he is going to court for a dwi, he received one is massachusets last year, will they compound and count as a second offense or will it be his first in n.h.?
I do believe both states have signed the interstate compact, so likely yes. Contact an attorney in the state with the...
I'd I fwt pulled over what do I do
If I get pulled over for speeding or a burned out taillight how do I prevent a sobriety test from happeninv
Short answer is do not appear as if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, don't speed, and keep your car in...
What happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spr
what happens if I get puled over and what makes them suspect alcohol on someone. Also if one had just taken listerine breath spray just before getting pulled over, then what happens next and the breathaltyizer.
You are asking a hypothetical question. I suggest you do not drink and drive then you won't have to worry about it.