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Is it possible to plea down a DUI in TN before the results of a blood test come back.
Was arrested for DUI in TN and refused chemical test although the officer obtained a warrant and I had to take one anyway. I feel that the results will show that I was over the legal limit and my also show another chemical in my system as well. I was told the blood test could take 4-6 months to come back and was wondering if it was possible with a good DUI attorney to plea down to a lesser charge such as reckless driving before the results of the test come back.
Yes. When I was a prosecutor, I would routinely plea cases before the blood was back. Will a DA do so with a prior...
In Tennessee, can you face jail time for a 2nd implied consent? Will I have to install an interlocking device?
Was arrested for DUI/Implied consent 8 years ago and had the DUI reduced to reckless driving and lost my license for a year for the implied consent. Was unfortunately arrested again this weekend for DUI and I did not consent to the chemical test again althought the officer did obtain a warrant and made me take a blood test. I will be hiring the best DUI attorney I can find but I am a medical sales rep and I am terrified that I will lose my job if they find out. I am ok with driving on a restricted license but I frequently have upper management and other clients ride along with me so unfortunately the interlocking device would be the nail in the coffin for my employment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
While a second offense for implied consent is a criminal matter, you are likely not looking at any jail time on the...
2nd DUI Offense; Different State but Same CO Driver's License
I was convicted of DWAI in the state of Colorado in early 2010. I just moved to central Tennessee and received a DUI. Because I've only been in TN for 2 months, I was still carrying my CO driver's license. Will my DWAI from CO be recognized in TN, and if so, will I face jail time?
If Tennessee discovers your Colorado DWAI, it may be used as an enhancement. I would recommend obtaining a TN driver's...
Was sentenced 45 days for 2nd dui in 2005 and had flight back to show up,it was cancelled. How much extra time,turning self in.
I got my second DUI in Brentwood back in 2005. First offense was in Ohio, 2004. I ” lived” in TN during time of offense but wa s only in state about 75 days a year due to work. Flew back for court date, got 45 days in jail...3months later. Had flight back to check in and it was canceled. Called court was told ” oh well”. Living in hell not driving and always paranoid for 6 years. I NEED TO HANDLE THIS NOW AND GET ON WITH MY LIFE. How much extra time am I looking at. No run ins with law since. Anyone have an answer to extra time?? Anyone have a good solution?? I will call the first respondant and get things going.
In Williamson county your failure to report for your jail time will most likely result in two additional charges a...
I was arrested for speeding and dui after field test. I took blood test. When released I was NOT given a citation or ticket.
I was instructed I was pulled over for just speeding. Field test went well. I have a fused spine and one leg longer than other.
Here in Georgia, even if you aren't issued a citation, an officer can still take out a warrant to prosecute.
I was arrested for dui i need to know if i can sue for false arrest
after two years they threw it out
Can you sue? of course. Can you win? It will depend on the facts. Getting the criminal case thrown out does not mean...
I just found out I owe $55 to state CA, when DUI was is FL. In '10 I turned in CA license, got new driver license in Fl after
after '09 DUI. Just tried to get TN license, found out CA license on hold until I show I completed everything for DUI and pay $55. I had moved to FL, it happened in FL, I don't have any paperwork, FL gave me a driver's license.... what's going on?
You didn't list the exact date of the DUI or when you got the FL license, but my feeling is that your DUI was committed...