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DUI from other state never showed up on driving record
In August of 2002 I got a DUI in Illinois but had a Missouri license. My Illinois lawyer told me Illinois couldn't suspend my Missouri license but that they could suspend it when Illinois sent the information to Missouri. It was never suspended and it isn't on my driving record. I was just at the dmv to update my address and heard them asking people if their license has ever been suspended or revoked. This must be something new they are asking because I've never been asked this question. When I renew my license in 2019 I am not sure how to answer this question. My license hasn't ever been suspended but my driving privileges in Illinois were taken away for 3 months. I am very confused but also don't want to bring it up if I don't have to, as it's been 13 years.
This is probably better posed to a MO lawyer but my suspicion is that when you apply for renewal MO will run PDPS and "...
Just received my third DWI. What kind of plea bargain could an attorney work out? Drug court? Can anyone do drug court?
I currently don't have a job and I believe you need a job for drug court
Call a local DUI attorney asap. You may want to consider getting on SCRAM.
I've completed my scram device sentence, I'm one week passed the 60 day sentence, (67 days now) --when will judge remove this???
The above mentioned scram sentence was part of a resisting arrest plea deal; in which I was also given 40 hours c.s. (Completed), fines (paid) anger management class (will be completed Friday) and two years supervised probation.
You need to look at your probation order. Generally, the Judge will order it on you for a set amount of time. In your...
Im trying to get my hardship license .
I have got 8 dwi's and am trying to get a license to drive to and from work. They said I need representation to get it. So I'm asking for help so I can get back to work.
We attorney's on Avvo cannot contact you directly. We do not even see your name and contact information. You will...
If I take one dose of cough syrup (as directed) with 10% alcohol content, will I pass a etg test 15 hours later?
If it does show positive, how long would it take to get a confirmation test to prove it was only cough syrup being used as directed
Who knows? Best to avoid such cough medicine while on probation and subject to testing. The old "I took cough...
She has not paid any money in over a year and I would like foreclose on the promissory note.
I quit claimed my property over to person under the assumption I was continuing on from another property purchase. No money was exchanged. When it was done she said she would pay us back. She was supposed to pay rent until she was able to pay for the property in full. This was a verbal agreement between she and my husband. My husband bought the property in my name.
Unless a note holder also has a deed of trust permitting non-judicial foreclosure, the only way to foreclose in...
Does a misdemeanor dui from 12 years ago have a statute of limitations
the party hasn't renewed their driver's license since this incident and hasn't been in any kind of criminal trouble during this time nor has this person received any further traffic violations during this time period. this person wasn't able to afford to comply with all of the requirements the judge ordered for this dui charge either because of financial hardship
You may want to rephrase your question. The statute of limitations is not in issue here if the person already plead...