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Out of state DUI in Washington DC without appearance on record... what happens to MD driver's license?
I have a MD license and was charged in June with a DUI in Washington DC. I was 18 at the time. My driving record is completely clean without points or tickets. I plead guilty in January 2014 and was told that after a 6 month probation period the DUI would not appear on my record. Instead it would be "put off to the side" in case I commit another crime in which case the DUI would officially appear on my record. I have just obtained an unofficial copy of my drivers record and it says my license is valid. In addition, I do not need to renew my license until November 2015. My questions are: Will my MD license ever be suspended, if so for how long? If I am driving and get pulled over and the MVA has just suspended my license without my knowledge, will I be arrested/will my care be impounded?
Your question will be easier to answer if a lawyer read the relevant documentation in your D.C. Superior Court file. I...
If I already received a probation before judgement can I petition the court to reduce my charge to driving while impaired?
I received a probation before judgement and didn't know my cdl was suspended
If you already accepted probation before judgment, you gave up your right to appeal (which had to be filed within 30...
What are the most common outcomes of a first time DUI/DWI in the state of Maryland?
I have been charged with a DUI and DWI, it is my first time offense and besides this charge I have a clean record. I can not afford a lawyer so I will be representing myself. I just wanted to know what to expect or any actions I can take to get a lesser sentence.
If you cannot afford a private attorney, contact the Public Defender at least 10 business days before the court date....
How long does the cdl administration have before they have to let you know that your license is suspended?
I got a dui in april 2016 went to court on September 1 2016 and was never informed that my cdl was suspended
The MVA sends out a suspension letter and gives you a short period of time to request a hearing to fight the suspension....
I have a bench warrant and don't want to spend a night in jail but can pay the fine is possible
I was driving with a suspended license that I didn't know was suspended at the time I got a trial date but I stay with my girlfriend most of the time so I didn't get the letter in time so I missed court date and got a "bench warrant for my arrest for failing to appear to court while driving on a suspended license." I want to turn myself in but I'd rather not have a jail record or even go for that matter.
You have a few options which can best be discussed with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.
What if I blow a fail in the ignition interlock and I'm on unsupervised probation. What's the ramification for that fail blow?
I had a drink the night before and blew a fail the next morning.
It depends whether anything is reported back to the judge and the nature of the terms and conditions of probation. If...
I got charged with DWI (BAC 0.10) resulted in DWAI(Traffic Infraction) but what it is in Maryland?
Hi Lawyers, Thanks for this service. I hold Maryland Driving License, got charged with DWI (BAC 0.10) in New York in September 2016 but court reduced it to DWAI (Which is Traffic Infraction but not Criminal) with 90 days suspension, some fines and victim impact panel. I still see no record on my Marylands driving license even after six months. I called MVA several times and they said my license is still active and good to drive. Can I expect anything in future now all of a sudden? I always worry when I drive on roads thinking cops have some record which is not with MVA. Because driving without license will be a felony and I don't wanna attempt it. PLEASE ADVICE. Thanks a lot
DWAI appears to stand for driving while ability impaired and the conviction could eventually appear on your Maryland...