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  • OJ Simpson not happy with portrayal of lawyer on TV ...

    Tuesday Feb 2 | via Daily Mail 

    OJ Simpson unhappy with depiction of Johnnie Cochran in new TV show about his 1995 murder trial - but says he is not upset with the way he is portrayed in the series OJ Simpson is unhappy with the way his defense attorney Johnnie Cochran is portrayed in the new TV series about his 1995 murder trial Simpson did not say what made him upset about the way Cochran is depicted in The People v.


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  • FBI releases images of the Hefty Heister

    Monday Jan 25 | via Inside Bay Area 

    Surveillance images capturing a serial bank robbery suspect involved in heists throughout Northern California have been released by the FBI. The "Hefty Heister" has been tied to eight bank robberies in seven Northern California cities since Dec. 3, FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankle said in a statement.


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Brentwood Law

Will the ca state or San Joaquin's county garnish my wages for unpaid Dui restitution?
I have 2 dui convictions from 08. Still haven't paid the $5,000 in restitution. They terminated my probation. Just started a legitimate job. Wondering if eventually they will garnish my wages? There were no victims.
I suspect you mean $5000 in fees. It now becomes a $5000 civil debt. The county can collect it by garnishing your...
Will my 17 year old be charged as an adult for a DUI and what can she expect at sentencing?
My 17 (DOB 2/10/96) was arrested on 1/17/14 for a DUI. Her Blood Alcohol content was .15. In addition, she was speeding (posted speed 50, her speed 109). She is lucky they stopped her or she and her underage passenger would be killed. They also found a small amount of weed in her car. The sheet that they gave her was speed over 100mph, possession of marijuana, and failure to yield. In addition, there are the DUI charges 23152a/23152b. Her court date is 4/1/14 and she will be 18 at the court date. She has a clean record and has been in no trouble up until now. Will they provide her with a public defender? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Although she could be charged as an adult, most likely she will be charged as still a juvenile, even though she will be...
Any recommendations on a PAS psychiatrist in Fresno, Ca? And an attorney who specializes in PAS cases?
PAS lawyers
What? what's a PAS psychiatrist? Do you mean a PAS coordinator? Or Forensic Toxicologist? There are no attorneys who "...
Can we move from Cali to TN and transfer all my husbands DUI classes there?
My husband got a 1st offense DUI and we are moving from California to Tennessee. He spoke with the judge and his probabtion officer and they both told him he needs to find a school that CA DMV will take as far as lifting his license....HELP!
At this point, if he wants to get his California license back he will need to complete the class in California. Sorry....
DUI convictions in 2000 and 2004. All punitive actionis long over with. How do I answer below?
Have you ever been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony offense? (You may answer “NO” for:(a)Any arrest or detention that did not result in a conviction;(b)referral to or participation in any diversion program;(c)any criminal record that has been pardoned, sealed, expunged, erased, or dismissed upon probation;or(d)any criminal record that need not be disclosed under the laws of the State in which you reside and work, such as convictions for minor marijuana offenses in California more than two years old, certain juvenile delinquency matters in various States,and certain misdemeanors five years or older in various States) If you are not certain whether you have been convicted of an offense that is classified as a “misdemeanor” or “felony” you should check the laws of the state where related court proceedings took place. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to employment.
THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE: Were you involved in an alcohol-related DUI or a drug offense? Because there is no "...
Can a DUI be beaten if no tests given?
During a traffic stop for a broken tail light that wasn't broken, my son admitted to marijuana use earlier that day. He was then arrested for DUI. He requested a urine test but no chemical tests of any kind were given. What should we expect.
If your son is charged with DUI (meaning he has been summonsed to court on a particular date) you can expect that he...
I got a dui a month ago and have a DMV hearing tomorrow to see if I can get a restricted license, what do I need to bring w/ me?
Should I have my employer write a letter stating that what my job title is and the importance of me being able to drive to and from work?
Above all, bring with you an attorney. Many people try to defend these cases alone and without help from an attorney....