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  • Boy charged in connection with Central Kings lockdow...

    Thursday Sep 25 | via Nova News Now 

    Police presence could be seen at the entrance to Cambridge Elementary Feb. 25. Students spent the afternoon in lockdown after a threat to a student was received at the adjacent Central Kings Rural High School. Cambridge students were being released at regular time, but walkers would be bussed and RCMP officers would be supervising.


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  • East Precinct commander give updates as third weeken...

    Friday Sep 19 | via Capitol Hill Blog 

    Amid concerns amongst the community regarding fears about an uptick in theft, armed robberies, physical and sexual assaults, the Capitol Hill Community Council Thursday night met with representatives from SPD and the mayor's office in an effort to address the issue. "We understood," said East Precinct commander Capt.


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  • Man held in killing of three family members in Turlo...

    Tuesday Sep 9 | via Los Angeles Times 

    A 28-year-old driver accused of plowing into and killing three family members -- including a 4-year-old boy -- was driving under the influence at the time of the crash, police said Monday. A 28-year-old driver accused of plowing into and killing three family members -- including a 4-year-old boy -- was driving under the influence at the time of the crash, police said Monday.


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  • Police make arrest in crash that killed 3 walking

    Tuesday Sep 9 | via My Mother Lode 

    Police have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of driving under the influence in a crash in central California that killed three family members who were out for a walk. Police say Cruz was behind the wheel of a speeding BMW that struck and killed three family members in Turlock over the weekend.


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  • Police Believe Man Arrested in Brea May Be 'Quad Ban...

    Aug 8, 2014 | via 

    A 47-year-old man arrested after allegedly robbing a Bank of the West branch in Brea is suspected to be the "Quad Bandit," who was wanted in connection with nine previous bank robberies or attempts, including Cerritos, authorities said today. Jonathan Oechsle of Anaheim was arrested after officers were dispatched around 3:50 p.m. Thursday to 311 S. State College Blvd. to investigate a report of a bank robbery that had just occurred, said Brea police Lt.


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I had a DUI in 2009 in San Bernardino county and my 2nd DUI in Orange County in 2012. I was still on probation for my first one. When I logged on to the San Bernardino site, it said possible violation all the way back in 2012 but nothing else said after that. Orange County already got me on the violation but I just wanted to make sure if I should worry about San Bernardino. I just saw that entry from a couple years ago but since then paid off fine and probation is over for the first one. Better to be safe than sorry though. It doesn't say anything on the SB case site for violation just the entry for possible violation.
You should go to the court house, or hire a lawyer, to check the court file to see if there is a pending violation and/...
I have a DUI on my record from Sep 2003 in West Virginia. I did it again (stupid me) in California in Sep 2011. I pled guilty to a first offense in October 2011, completed everything I needed to do to satisfy the Court, received orders of reinstatement in Dec 2011 and Jul 2012. I paid to renew my license in April 2013, received a new CDL in May 2013 and a day later an order of suspension. I called DMV and was told nothing can be done. The order of suspension states I can have this reviewed by the local court. I am looking for an attorney to assist if there is a reasonable change of success.
There are a number of possibilities here, but a proper answer cannot be given unless you provide an attorney with a...
JUst got a 3rd DUI in California (2010, 2012 and now 2013). Still on informal probation and only 5 months since my last conviction. Financially settled last conviction and am only into my 18 mo DUI classes.
A year in a county jail on a 3rd DUI is the max, if you're in probation they can ask for consecutive sentences....
My son is on disability so has no money to pay for an attorney, looking for help as he has other cases he was abiding by the court rulings when this felony warrant was filed and he has no knowledge. The charge is for sale and/or transport of a controlled substance. He was arrested on the date the warrant says the incident happened but he was cited for non appearance in court and given a new court date which he went to and has adhered to the judges requirements and knows nothing about this other charge.
Although it will be difficult to find an attorney who will work for free, other than a public defender, many AVVO...
I was pulled over for a DUI on June 8. Did not take breath test but submitted to a blood test at police station after failing field sobriety tests. I just received blood test results and it is a 0.13%. 12 years ago in South Dakota I received a standard imposition on a DUI because I had a low BAC. Will that still appear in my current situation? Very worried. Thanks, Joey
Joey, the fact that you're a teacher makes your situation much different than another person. You, could possible lose...
I refused all the tests as well, and did realize I could lose my license for one to three years. If they granted me weekend jail, do I need to serve the full 120 days ?
My friend has this happening to her. She might be drinking, but says she isn't. If she isn't there could be a serious medical reason for this such as kidney problems or diabetes. Would probation suggest she see a medical doctor if she isn't drinking? She drank massive amounts of alcohol daily before she got in trouble but is only in her early 30's. She didn't say if they will go back to the urine tests or if the blood test is a one time thing.
Your friend has terms of probation that require her to submit to tests. As to why they are requesting a blood test,...