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I was arrested on dui charges and being under the influence of a controlled substance
i was pulled over and asked to step out of the car then the officer grabbed my hand and checked my blood pressure "he did not ask" is this legal 2 . i was asked by the officer if i was taking any medications i said no, ultimatley i was arrested and was told that i could not refuse the chemical test is this legal? 3rd and last question my wife later reminded me that i had taking nyquil earlier that day and taking benadryl that morning can this be a reason for me to test positive on the chemical test?
Here's the bottom lime: you're absolutely going to need an attorney to represent you. Can Nyquil and Benadryl cause...
I am charge for indecent assult. I am drunk and sleeping. Am I gonna win my case? If not, What are my charges?
I am a 31yr old Filipino family man of 3 kid's. 12, 8 & 4yr old. I was charge of indecent assult for my 12yr old daugther. I was drunk 1 night and had an argument w/ my wife earlier that night and came home and sleept in my kid's room because I dont want to sleep w/ my wife. when I woke up. my daugther said that I was kissing her. nothing happen. but when she was ask by my wife. she said that I was talking in filipino language while kissing her. thats cougth my attention that I was really drunk and sleeping and not knowing what Im doing because we never talk to our kids in filipino only english. thank you. hope you can help me on this. i
It is unclear but it sounds like your wife called the police after that night. It is unclear if there will be more...
Dui arrest help
my question is i was pulled over for not having a light on my license plate but the car was sold to me by a dealer without a light on the plate can that help me in court and of course can they pull me over for not having a light on my plates in the first place? after i was pulled over i was arrested incase that matters
You may have a contract claim against the dealer for the price of a new bulb, if you had just purchased the car new....
Am I allowed to move out of state with a pending dui?
So I received a DUI in California and it is still pending, meaning I have not officially been convicted yet. Now I want to move just across state lines to Arizona and I want to know if 1. That is allowed prior to conviction? 2. If I am convicted, can I move out of state after that or am I stuck in CA? (Or can the judge make an exception to certain situations)
You are free to travel unless there are restrictions on your bond and/or bail. Contact your attorney for further...
If i was drunk underage and the officer did not include that violation on the ticket he wrote me, is that violation still valid?
im 19 and was drunk and we got pulled over. i was not driving i was in the back seat. the officer gave me back my license and as i was putting it back in my wallet he said to exit the vehicle then after about 3-5 seconds after asking me to exit the vehicle said it louder and pulled me from the car. he searched me and found my pocket knife and now is claiming that i told him i had it and while i was putting my id away he reacted and pulled me out becasue of the knife i had. i at no point said anything about it because i had completly forgotten i had it in my pocket due to the fact i never carry it. On the ticket i recieved it states the resisting arrest violation but no other violations.
If the officer cited your for possession of alcohol, etc., then you would lose your drivers license for one year...
Just got my third DUI in california.
I got pulled over near a bar for having expired tags. They expired last month in Febuary. I blew a .08 i got my first dui in 6 years ago december 2008. My second one i got 2 years ago. And just got my third last night. I have a steady full time job monday through friday from 9-5. Just wondering if ill have to do jail time because i dont want to loose my job and i know it wont be waiting for me 120 days of jail time later. And apparently i had a suspended license but i dont know why
You definitely need to meet with an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney who practices in the court where you are...
Soy ciudadana mi novio tiene un DUI tiene permanent recidence pero nos queremos casar su DUI afecta si lo ago ciudadano?
y cuanto tardaria en arreglarle y que es lo que tenemos que hacer?
I do not speak parish but I recognize the DUI language in your question. You have posted this under equipment finance....