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Can i apply for a job at California department of corrections with dui after I expunged my record
Asking questions about criminal records
The government will see the record, especially if what you did was a dismissal based on satisfying all terms and your...
What does final charge means
For a dui final and disposition means
It is difficult to provide an answer with limited information given above. The final disposition for a first time DUI...
I was arrested on dui charges and being under the influence of a controlled substance
i was pulled over and asked to step out of the car then the officer grabbed my hand and checked my blood pressure "he did not ask" is this legal 2 . i was asked by the officer if i was taking any medications i said no, ultimatley i was arrested and was told that i could not refuse the chemical test is this legal? 3rd and last question my wife later reminded me that i had taking nyquil earlier that day and taking benadryl that morning can this be a reason for me to test positive on the chemical test?
Here's the bottom lime: you're absolutely going to need an attorney to represent you. Can Nyquil and Benadryl cause...
I am charge for indecent assult. I am drunk and sleeping. Am I gonna win my case? If not, What are my charges?
I am a 31yr old Filipino family man of 3 kid's. 12, 8 & 4yr old. I was charge of indecent assult for my 12yr old daugther. I was drunk 1 night and had an argument w/ my wife earlier that night and came home and sleept in my kid's room because I dont want to sleep w/ my wife. when I woke up. my daugther said that I was kissing her. nothing happen. but when she was ask by my wife. she said that I was talking in filipino language while kissing her. thats cougth my attention that I was really drunk and sleeping and not knowing what Im doing because we never talk to our kids in filipino only english. thank you. hope you can help me on this. i
It is unclear but it sounds like your wife called the police after that night. It is unclear if there will be more...
Dui arrest help
my question is i was pulled over for not having a light on my license plate but the car was sold to me by a dealer without a light on the plate can that help me in court and of course can they pull me over for not having a light on my plates in the first place? after i was pulled over i was arrested incase that matters
You may have a contract claim against the dealer for the price of a new bulb, if you had just purchased the car new....
There will probably be a negative impact.
On the police report, during the field sobriety tests, the officer referred to me with a different name, completely different,
Hit the curb a an off ramp, rolled over twice, car landed on its wheels, still running, did not hit any other vehicle, no injuries, moved car to a parking lot & started walking to my house, was stopped half way there & then everything else, advise plesde
Get appropriate medical treatment, retain a criminal attorney, report to your insurance company.