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I went to court almost 2 years ago I was convicted of two dwis I did everything I supposed to do and my licence was restored in
I just received a letter that my licence will be suspended as of tomorrow because the court held one of my dwis for a year in a half and now turned it into the dove. I have had my licence for a year and a half with no infractions now they want to suspend it. Can this be right? Can they do that?
I suggest that you go straight to the source, call the good folks at NC-DOT at 919-715-7000 and ask them directly....
How much does it coast to get a open container ticket off my mvr report
I got a open container ticket 41/2 years ago ,In alicense check the beer can was in the back floor board of the truck in a bag thanks roger
While I am not licensed to practice law in the State of North Carolina and am not familiar with the laws of that State,...
How much could I get for my drunk driving case?
My grandma, friend and I was hit by a drunk driver. We were injured and our car was towed. How much could we sue for?
Depends on a plethora of factors...potential coverage...possible dram to have it...
Dui charges
An officer pulled me over and I did the field sobriety test.I failed it and it was raining heavly.he pulled me over at 11:30pm,the same day I was drinking till to 6pm,slept only 4hrs.I refused the chemical test and I asked for the blood test. It was my first time being arrest,if the blood test comes positive,is it anyway my case can be dismissed because I was drinking in the afternoon,slept 4hrs only and my first arrest?
No, the case will be all or nothing. Way to much to discuss to handle in this board.
What is statue of limitation for dui in NC
I got a Dui in 2004 and DA has never carried it to court
No such charge as"DUI" in NC. Here it's Driving While Impaired. No statute of limitation on DWI charges in NC. If you...
I do not have a car but I want to get my license back after DUI.
I can get my license back now after my DUI but I do not own a car. I do not have to have an IID. I also do not have a car at the moment but I still want to go ahead and get my license back. So what do I have to do if I do not have proof of insurance or is it even possible for me to get them before I get a vehicle again.
If you were required to get an interlock device, you can only get a limited driving privilege. You are going to need...
What's the best defense strategies for DWI?
First DWI, no aggravating factors, blew 0.18, no criminal record, clean driving record, DL suspended for 30 days atleast beginning of next week, anonymous caller( was weaving), was taken to Hammond rd detention center finger printed and released, no bond, before then taken to a police stn for brreathlizer, wife was outside, but refused her to come in and witness. Which way is it heading?
Ummmm, a .18 IS an aggravating factor. As far as your wife being refused, did she arrive within 30 minutes of being...