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How to I contest a failed DOT drug screen ?
I have been a class A driver for the past 10 years, I have never failed a DOT physical and I have had multiple drug screens this year. I was just tested back in march and passed. Recently I applied for a new job and went for another DOT last week. I was contacted by a physician stating I have tested positive for amphimines. This is not possible as I told him and I was told to call back with any doctor prescribed meds within 72 hours. I was on workers comp for 5 months and prescribed 3 different meds for a back injury. The week prior to the exam I was sick with the flu taking over the counter day time flu medicine. I have done some research on otc medicine and found some cause false positives on drug screens. I contacted the doctors office the next morning and got his voicemail witch I left a detailed message explaining the meds prescribed and that I was taking over the counter meds a week prior. I have not been contacted back as of today 12\22. I am now being told my CDL is suspended due to this. I have never been on any kind if drugs in my life.
In order for the test to be a valid test, they have to ask you about any medications that you have taken or have a...
I have never had a license. In 2006, I was charged with a dui only in AK. I did not attend ASAP class. I was not AK resident.
Do i need to complete this ASAP class to attain a license in Florida? Also, while living in CA somehow my 'license' became suspended but I have never had a license in any state? What do I need to do to get an actual license here in FL
The best way to find out is to contact the Florida DMV. They should be able to tell you. If you need a lawyer, then...
2.5 year old DUI, will it affect me getting a job with Sherwin Williams?
I was accepted into the sales management training program at SW pending backgorund check and all that good stuff. I was arrested for DUI may 2012. I was convicted I believe at the end of June 2012. I havent been in any trouble since that. Isolated incident. I told the employer about it as well after they offered me the job (didnt submit background yet). It is not a driving position.. should I be okay or should I be worried?
You know this is a great question. Unfortunately it really is not a legal question a criminal lawyer can answer. In...
If I refused to take a breath test for DUI can I waive my right to a formal hearing and avoid 90 days "hard-time" in Florida?
I got pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests in the state of Florida but refused the breath test. A lawyer told me that I would be eligible for a waiver of a formal hearing if I was enrolled in DUI counterattack without serving 90 days hard time. After doing some more research of my own I found that was untrue and that I would be required to serve the 90 days hard time.
If it is your first DUI then yes, it is possible to avoid the 90 day hard time. This is a relatively new rule through...
If I choose to waive my right to a formal review hearing, can that be used against me as a submission of guilt in court?
I was pulled over and my officer asked me to perform a series of field sobriety tests. When asked if I would consent to a breath test, I refused. A lawyer told me I could waive my right to a formal review hearing but after doing some research I discovered this could be held against me in court. I just want a second opinion as I am trying to weigh all options of my case.
This is incorrect a waiver of your right to a formal review hearing cannot be used against you in criminal court.
I have an out of state warrant for a vop on a third offense ouil.
I've already come into contact with law enforcement here, Hillsborough county sheriffs, and they told me the warrant states that it's only for surrounding states. Would I be able to get a job here with this warrant? I'm trying to take care of this, but it's looking like I'm going to have to go back there and do jail time unfortunately.
Get this warrant taken care of. Hire counsel there to find out what will most likely happen.
I will vop for failure to pay fines and restitution for a dui conviction.
I lost my job two months ago and am having trouble just keeping a roof over my families head. I live in FL, any advise? I have asked for an extension but was denied. I have never been in trouble before. From the research I have done online, it is unconstitutional to jail some one for a debt? It seems the state of Florida uses judges to enforce the payment of debts with the threat of jail time!
Very astute observation. However, "fines" such as the kind levied for DUI convictions, are not treated as "debts" for...