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Why must I complete the ignition interlock program when it was volunteer and I was not convicted of DUI.
I was given 9moths for implied consent. I volunteer to participate n the ignition interlock program. I decide to cancel the program voluntarily. I completed the 9mths successfully, paid all fines and all other requirements. DMV decide to issue me my regular license. But probation pardon and parole still has a restriction indicating I still have to complete the program
Speak with the attorney who negotiated your case.... this is a general Q and A forum and it seems like your case is...
DUI arrest with CDL?
Am I eligible to get a license if I've been arrested for DUI, refused the breath test and have a CDL?
You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney prior to trial. Do not miss your Court date and allow...
Is South Carolina a state that remove administrative suspension from the record after a DUI has been dismissed?
The DMV want remove fees and fines after my dismissed DUI
This is a question for your attorney who knows all facts, evidence, and the precise decision of the Court. The DMV is...
WWhy is my license still suspended ?
I went to the dmv to get a license , they said it was suspended , my charges were dismissed . They said I need the ads ap classes and SR22 insurance , why ?
The attorney who represented you should be able to explain why they are insisting on classes and SR22 insurance. Also,...
Arrested for malicious injury to property, can I plead this down or what are my options?
Allegedly, A witness saw me intentionally back into a car twice and flee the scene. I was arrested and they told me I was being charged with malicious injury to property (valuing $900). In the past I have been arrested and convicted of dui, minor in possession of alcohol, and petit larceny, all from several years ago. Is there anyway I can get this dropped or at least lowered?
You would be well advised to retain a criminal defense attorney to negotiate and advocate for you. The answer to this...
What can I do to stop their criminal behavior?
At least three conversation pieces were edited out of the roadside video and back seat video for a suspected DUI stop. My case was settled because my lawyer advised me to accept what they had been able to plea bargain with the prosecutor. The end result was reckless driving. One of the messages deleted was an explanation of why I abruptly changed lanes, prompting their probable cause. Another was about two minutes of me looking over their info sheets of rights and consequences and expressing to one officer that he was forcing me to commit to a decision I was not comfortable making. I told both officers that I did not want to take their tests due to the "judgement call" aspect of their assessment.
Not sure what you are saying is criminal behavior. Talk to your attorney.
What is the possibility of getting a DUI out of state without being under the influence?
My dad recently left Nevada and flew to South Carolina, because my aunt died abruptly. On his second week of getting her affairs sorted, he was pulled over for a tail light (not reckless driving). He had to take a urine test after blowing .00 for alcohol. My dad uses marijuana regularly for medicinal purposes because he is disabled veteran, that has PTSD and has had 3 strokes. I read that regular users may have the drug present in their urine for weeks despite not taking any drugs. He hasn't done anything drug related within the last two weeks since he left. He has never been charged for anything. Do you think the court would be slightly lenient considering the circumstances? There was no time for the drug to completely leave his system, he has approval from a legal state, and has no prior charges.
If he hasn't been charged, he probably will not be.