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Can AZ impose conditions on getting a license in AR, 7 years after a single DUI conviction?
My daughter got her only DUI at age 19 or 20 in Az. She paid all damages, fines, & probation costs.. She is now 27, has been sober a year, has a great job and lives in AR. She has a slight disability that makes following a series of lengthy steps overwhelmingly difficult. There are numerous hoops to jump through. Is there any way to make getting her license back easier?
In Arkansas there are required fees and classes related to all DWI convictions before license can be reinstated. The...
Got a dui in ar.
not diving at all
Fortunately your post is very vague. Consult a defense attorney immediately; you may have defenses to prosecution....
Do I possibly have a lawsuit against Arkansas DHS?
My son was born in February of this year. The hospital where he was born said he was born with barbiturates and tri-cyclic antidepressants in his system. Under Arkansas Act 1176 (Garret's Law) DCFS was called. The hospital performed a meconium test to confirm the urine test but didnt test for barbiturates or antidepressants in the meconium. Therefore confirming nothing. Even though they couldnt confirm the positive test they proceeded with opening a case. I was drug tested weekly and passed every one. I had a substance abuse assessment performed and the results show that I am at no risk for substance abuse. My main problem is that I specifically asked the case worker if I needed to file an appeal for the sake of pursuing a career that would require a background check. She told me "No. My name would not show up on any registry and that the only reason I would need to file an appeal is for my own peace of mind." Now 3 or so months later I have applied for a job to be able to support my children and have been denied the job because the background check came back showing all this. Do I have any legal options?
I submitted a DHS appeal one month late once. They accepted it and the final result was positive. There were issues...
Do drug test have to be taken if not court ordered buy cps is case is not about drugs
My daughter in law has a mental problem that's why case was open
It depends on who is asking that the test be taken and why but generally a court order is required (even if it is...
What if I know someone that is on parole and he got a dwi
my boyfriend is on parole because he got out of prison on june 11, 2015 for meth and he got a dwi on march 14, 2016. and he goes to trail on October 20, 2016. will he go back to prison????
If he is convicted of the DUI, he probably will go back to prison.
Did they have the right to place me under arrest when I exhibit signs of intoxication due to extremely low glucose levels ?
Approached by a police officer while parked in my vehicle checking my glucose level. Type one diabetic for 25 years and experienced extreme symptoms of low glucose. My meter read my glucose level at 41. While waiting for the EMS the officer used very strong intimidation tactics to make me take the field sobriety test instead of waiting for the EMS to arrive. While waiting I consented to the eye test then explained that I would not do anything else until EMS checked me out. EMSchecked my glucose level with a reading of 48 and provided me with fast acting glucose to prevent further decline. My level got up to 86 and I was then arrested for DWI based on my behavior, eye test, and the smell off alcohol. At the station I blew 0.05 but still placed under arrest for DWI. The officer stated that he believed I was intoxicated at the time he made contact with me when I asked why I was being charged when I was under the .08 legal limit. How can I be charged with DWI when under the legal limit and his suspicion of intoxication was based on the behavior I exhibited while experiencing hypoglycemia levels so low that I was experiencing hypoglycemia shock with high probability of passing out?
You need to consult with an experienced DWI attorney immediately. You may very well have some defenses here, but you'll...
If I have a Dwi and then get a dui will they count the same.
Will that count the same as Dwi 2 or just dui 1
A second dui will usually have more punishment.