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  • Braintree Bike Chase Ends in Arrest

    Yesterday | via 

    Sean Mulvaney, 47, of Braintree was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and failing to appear upon recognizance. He had two warrants for assault to murder and shoplifting.


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  • After police chase, Melrose man arrested on kidnappi...

    Thursday Sep 24 | via 

    A Melrose man was smoking crack cocaine as he ignored his wife's frantic pleas to pull over for State Police in a high-speed chase that stretched from Chelsea to Needham Wednesday night, ending when he crashed his car, State Police said. Dean Conway, 45, of Melrose, allegedly told troopers he had been on the stimulant for six days when police attempted to stop him on Interstate 93. He refused, traveling at speeds up to 100 miles per hour, as his wife waved to troopers in apparent distress, according to a State Police report.


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  • Ordinance Aimed at Solicitors Approved by Town Council

    Wednesday Sep 16 | via 

    Solicitors in town will now have to comply with a new set of rules approved by the Braintree Town Council. Months after calls to change the town's rules for solicitors began as a result of an incident with a Comcast worker, a proposed ordinance has been unanimously approved by the town council.


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  • Homicide Suspect Arrested in Braintree Won't Fight E...

    Tuesday Sep 15 | via 

    A West Virginia murder suspect arrested in Braintree Friday will not fight a return to his home state to face the charges. Norfolk District Attorney spokesman David Traub recently told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that Philip David Casto, 33, said in court Monday that he would not fight extradition back to West Virginia.


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  • Braintree Police Log: Larceny, Dangerous Weapon, and...

    Monday Sep 14 | via 

    2:12 a.m. - Amauri Araujo, 19, was arrested on Union Street and charged with underage possession of liquor and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. 7:04 p.m. - Shaine Watkins, 22, was arrested on Granite Street on three warrants.He was also charged with operating an unregistered vehicle, operating an uninsured vehicle, unlicensed operation of a vehicle, and a motorcycle equipment violation.


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  • Suspect Wanted For W. Virginia Murder Arrested At So...

    Friday Sep 11 | via CBS Local 

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Braintree Law

DUI/Refused Breathalyzer/Hardship Lic/MASS
DUI, first offense in Mass. Lawyer says I can get a CWOF. Refused the breathalyzer. My question is, how much money am I going to have to spend up front JUST get my hardship license? Also, for the alcohol class, will they let you pay in increments?
You will not need to pay everything up front. It averages out to $115 per month for a first offense. Registry will...
Denied a hardship license and I have a full time job Massachusetts
I was denied a hardship license yesterday in Mass because they said they could not verify my employment--Im a full time private nanny-and obviously my employer doesnt have company letterhead. She wrote me a letter but it wasnt enough. I also run a legitimate e- business out of my home selling products online for disabled children, can I go back to the RMV at this point with further documentation from that business? What would I need? I have a Sales and Use Tax Registration certificate from the DOR, but will they require more than that? I also am a single parent of one child with autism and the sole provider for my family.
You have not provided enough information for the basis of loss of license to answer question. Is it a first/second...
Driving out of state on a hardship license (Mass)
I just got a hardship license in Mass after getting a CWOF for my first DUI. Am I allowed to leave the state to drive to GA as long I adhere to the time restrictions?
Your license issued by one state, with or without the restrictions, should be valid in all states with the restrictions.
24d drunk driver program
I'm going to a 24d program tomorrow issued by court for dui, my question is do they test for alcohol? I'mean trying to enjoy my Friday night and don't want to call to jail for drinking the night before, I'm only trying to get a buzz not wasted. So drinking bad idea?
This question does not require legal advice. I would strongly advise against drinking of any kind during this process....
If I got a DUI in CA but live in MA, do I also need a MA Lawyer?
I was charged with a dui 7 months ago in CA on vacation. I hired an attorney in CA but want to know if I need a MA One. Also, is my license suspended before the final arraingment or the day of arrest?
Sounds like you need to hire a lawyer in California, the state where you are charged. They will be licensed to practice...
Can someone get an OUI for sleeping at the wheel at a red light? passed all sorbiety tests but had parafanalia in his car
my fiancee fell asleep at the wheel at a red light, he works odd hours and is exhausted all the time. a cop pulled him over a gave him a sobriety test and he passed. the cop proceeded to check his truck and found a needle. took him into custody,i bailed him out and the judge the next day ordered drug/alcohol tests. he went into court last monday and they said he failed 1 of his alcohol tests. they took him to a correctional facility for detox but he didn't have anything in his system, now he is on the rehab side. no one called me (fiancee) to let me know anything!!! please help me! i haven't gotten anywhere with all the phone calls I've made. his court appointed attorney promised he would call me with details and nothing.. he had my car keys and i can't get them back!!
Well, you are in a tough situation because you are not the defendant so you are not in a position to affect the...
Massachusetts CWOF Dismissed OUI / Entry into Canada
OUI case is a CWOF (Continuation without a finding) in Massachusetts. Case will be dismissed pending completion of probation June 2015. Plan on trip to Vancouver for a Cruise in August 2016. I have heard mixed opinions on this site, and elsewhere regarding crossing the Canadian Border under these circumstances. 1) Since the case will have been dismissed by then, a letter from a lawyer or paperwork from the court stating that the case is dismissed will suffice. 2) Will need a Temporary Resident Permit. 3) Will need a full Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation. 4) None of these options above will work. Looking for advice on next steps. And if the suggestion is to talk to a Canadian Immigration Lawyer, then a referral to a good Canadian Immigration Lawyer. Thank You!
AVVO doesn't let us solicit or refer, you need to secure an attorney on your own. As to your issue, CWOFS are...