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If u are refused a blood test, is that grounds for dismissal?
I was pulled over in carutersville, missouri, and the officer said I was weaving. Upon walking up to my car he didn't state that, he just asked what I was doing over there. He gave me the fields sobriety test, but prior to it I advised him I couldn't do it due to several medical issues. Two brain injuries, inner ear imbalance and several others. I take medications that cause me uncoordinated and for my eyes to jerk His supervising officer refused to let me have a blood test run. I can and will give all details to that night upon hiring an attorney. Thanks, Keith.
No dismissal on these facts. The officer does not have to provide you with the choice of the blood test. The officer...
Manslaughter from DUI
Grandson served 1 yr. in Missouri DOC for DUI and friend was killed in accident. He served 1 yr. of a 2 yrs sentence. He has 5 yr. probation and wonders if he can get hardship license so he can get a job?
Contact the license authority and they are the best people to answer that.
What should I expect from a 2nd dui offense?
I had my first dui within the past year and my lawyer got me off with unsupervised probation, I just got my second one a week ago, and I am wanting to know what to expect whenever I go to court. I know the maximum you can get a year so is that what I should expect to get?
Not necessarily. Retain the same attorney you had for your first DUI and discuss the facts with him or her. There may...
If I have warrents can I go take my drivers license test without being arrested?
My licence expired in April and I know I'll have retake the written and driving portion, but I have warrents and I would like to know if I can get a new license without getting arrested.
The first thing a state does is suspended your license or your ability to obtain a license when you are a FUGITIVE....
How do i get or write on the petition reinstatement of my licenses i have server all my suspension year ago
have all my receipts and satop paper i know i need interlock device but got to get judge order of reinstatement first
The best way would be to hire an attorney to write and present the petition. This is not a self help project and you...
Just got my third DWI will I be charged with a felony
My first one was a infraction, second one was a misdemeanor, will my third one be a felony in st charles
The felony complaint must be filed in state court not city court. Usually, after the city prosecutor sees your prior...
Can I get probation for a class C felony in Missouri with no priors in Missouri but multi priors in Illinois from 10+ yrs ago?
No other drug offences in Illinois. Just felony dui and res burglary and theft from 10+ yrs ago.
Possible yes guaranteed no. It will depend a lot on the facts of your case and what jurisdiction you are being...