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Can only the breathalyzer result be enough to convict underage consumption of alcohol?
This would be my second offense. My first was at 16 years old and I am now 19. I was at a party when the police showed up. They did not have a warrant or come into the house. A group of us, half of us underage, decided to leave. The police stopped us right outside the apartment on public property. I gave my id when asked and submitted to a breathalyzer. I believe the result was something like 0.18. The only words I spoke during were "I'm the d.d." After the breathalyzer the police officer made a crack about how d.d. must stand for drunk driver. I said nothing. He told us we would be getting a citation for underage drinking and we walked to a near friends house. I realize I shouldn't have submitted to a breathalyzer, but I did. Losing my license is not an option. Did they have any right to stop me like that? Can just the breathalyzer result be enough to convict me?
Yes this is a serious case but winnable so speak to a criminal defense lawyer today.
What's the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case.
Whats the average cost of an attorney for a DUI case? The case will involve suppression of the blood draw.
Good question. It differs from state to state and from area to area. It's also uncommon for attorneys to reveal their...
Does the hospital need a consent form signed to take my blood for DUI?
Can I sue the hospital for forcebly taking my blood? No warrant or release. I feel violated. Medical records tried to tell me they don't need permission.
Not always. Did the police have a warrant? The relatively recent U.S. Supreme Court case of McNeely v. Missouri has...
How do I find out the date of the blood draw in a DUI case?
I was pulled over twice within a week. I was in the hospital the day of the first time and was given a narcotic. I was pulled over that night and consented to blood draw. I know it was in my system. Then a week later I was in an accident, no consent was given and no warrent, cop ordered nurse to take my blood. Results came back and I believe the police used my blood from the date I was pulled over before because I had not taken meds the day of accident that showed in my system. How do I find the date of blood draw? Who do I call? I wasn't charged with anything for first time I was pulled over. Why. Things don't add up and my attorney don't believe me.
In most counties you will get a chance to review your lab at the preliminary hearing. It will have the date of the...
In PA, can police force blood draw?
I was pulled over for suspected DUI in Pa. I consented the first time. A week later i was in an accident and the cop told the nurse take her blood. I believe the cops took my results from the first time and used my BAC for the accident. How can I find out? Things were in my blood a week later that couldn't possibly be in my blood. I had taken a narcotic the day I was pulled over the first time and it could not be in my blood a week later. How do I prove this? Where do I get a copy of the results of the blood draw?
It sounds like you really have a couple of questions here. Can they force you to give blood, no. They can, however,...
I have been charged with Poss of marijuana and use/poss of drug paraph a dui cuntrolled substance impaired ability-1st offence
and Endangering of 4 children-Parent/other commits offense
Please see my response to what I believe was your first post concerning this matter.
Methadone lexapro xanax dui
I have a doctor and a clinic for my meds and they say take care when driving not anot drive
They say that, "third time is a charm"--perhaps. This is your third question about the same matter. I understand that...