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What will happen if I don't have a lawyer for the sentencing phase in a dui case that involves property damage
I hit a parked car and drove away. Got arrested for dui and wreckless driving
I would encourage you to hire an attorney.
What if I don't have a lawyer for my second court date for a dui
I can't afford a lawyer and just recently lost my job not because of the dui
Contact the local public defenders office immediately.
Violated probation getting my 3rd dui. my pd says i will do 6 months. will a paid lawyer get me less time?can i get house arrest
violated in march of 14, probation would have been over in june. i havent been convicted of the 3rd dui yet. it is in mississippi. how can i stay out of jail?
For some reason I can't see what state you're from but if these case was in California, I would say yes, a private...
Can I be fired for a DUI charge before a conviction is made?
I am a tenured teacher in the state of Tennessee. I was charged with a DUI. The school system that I am now teaching with is trying to fire me. Can they fire me without a conviction? I am not part of any union but I know that I have a due process hearing allowed for tenured teachers. What course of action can they legally pursue and what course of action should I pursue?
This is a question better put to an employment lawyer than a DUI lawyer.
If I have a dui can I drink in my own house?
I live in TENNESSEE and got a dui. Can I drink in the privacy of my own home?
Depends on the wording of your probation order. If it says you shall not consume intoxicating beverages then you...
What will Tennessee do if I get a dui conviction in Virginia?
I was convicted of dui in Virginia & have completed my sentence. However, I have yet to pay my fines or do my community service. If the deadline for those passes what will Tennessee do? What will Virginia be able to do?
Virginia may issue a warrant for your arrest. In the event that that occurs, Tennessee would have to extradite you, and...
What will Tennessee do if I have been convicted of dui in Virginia ?
I have already been convicted and have served my sentence in Virginia. If I don't complete the court ordered community service or pay the fines, will Tennessee revoke my license?
There is reciprocity between the States and therefore, because you were convicted of DUI in Virginia there is a high...