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Driving with suspended license in MA after DUI in CT ?
I got a DUI (first offence) in Connecticut so my licences was suspended in CT and MA and was in the process of getting all the requirements meet to get my licences restated when I got pulled over in MA (where I live). and now have to go to court for it. I currently have right to drive in ct restated because I met all the requirements but the ct case is still technically open until the Feb 3 Is my MA case going to get reported back to CT and am I going to go to jail. Im hoping the judge in MA sees that I now have my licences restored in CT and just throws the case out.
Yes there is a very good chance that Mass will let the authorities know of your operation under suspension in Mass,...
Can I go to jail instead of probation for a guilty plea on a first offender DUI in CT?
Hello, I recently plead guilty and was convicted of a first offender DUI in New London county CT. My previous and original DUI was 6 years ago so I am not eligible for the accelerated rehab program. I was given the standard sentence of 45 days license suspension, community service, fine and one year probation. After going to my first meeting with the probation officer several days ago I realized quickly that this was not going to be a good relationship between the PO and I. In short I don't like him one bit and the feeling is mutual from what I can tell. I'm starting to second guess whether I want to go through one year of this or not or whether it would just be better to serve jail time and be done with it. My questions are as follows: Can I opt for jail time before a judge instead of one year probation? If so how long would I actually spend in jail and what prison would I most likely spend it at? Does CT offer weekend or part time jail or credit 3 or 2 to 1 for days spent in prison? Are DUI convicts kept in the same area as long term inmates? If I completed the time would I actually in fact be completely probation free afterwards? Thank you in advance for your insight.
As I understand the facts of your question: You entered a guilty plea as a first offender DUI. Sentence was handed down...
Can i terminate my probation early if I haven't finished my DUI classes and my DUI classes aren't a "condition of my probation"?
I have 2 years probation. I'm 5 months in. I was told I am not on probation for my DUI. I was charged with threatening and interfearing during same arrest. My public defender says that I have to finish my DUI CLASSES before he can file a motion to terminate early. But the dui classes are not a condition of my probation. I'm in CT and need to move for work. But can't because of probabtion. My hopes where to terminate early than do the classes in my new state within the correct time frame. I have 8 Months from now to finish the dui classes.
Not without the Permission of the Court. . But you can Request that Ct request the other state to accept you there to...
If i have two duis in rhode island and just got arrested for a dui in connecticut am i going to go to prison.
im on probation in rhode island and have had two previous duis. i was driving in connecticut last night and had an accident that made the cops come and they arrested me for being under the influence and my bac was three times the legal limit.
Depends if they were actual convictions in R I and how far apart the last one was from the new arrest , but worse case...
Can a RI DUI be used against you in CT?
My husband got a DUI in RI with a CT drivers license. His permission to drive in RI was revoked for a year. He just got his first DUI in CT. Will his RI dui be used against him and this actually be considered an additional DUI in CT or will it be considered first offense?
Depends what he plead to. Contact a local DUI attorney for a free consultation.
How long can the police wait to charge you with a dui in ct
I crashed my car in May I went to the hospital by ambulance my bac was over the limit no One else involved in crash. I have not been arrested yet how long can they take to arrest me for dui
If it's your very first dui ever or your 2nd , both Misdemeanors, one year from the date of the incident
My case was dismissed today but on the Web site says awaiting dispostion when it said dispostion before
I got blamed for someone else is action I completed a drug program and did community service
The dismissal probably hasn't been entered into the website yet. Try again the next day. If it's still there after a...