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How likely is it that I will be charged with a DUI if the judge asks me if I had been drinking and I answer "yes"?
Backed into a car in a parking garage. So slight I didn't think anything off it and left. No traffic stop. Went home. Contacted next day by law enforcement. Reported for interview. Charged with; 1. Careless driving. 2. Failure to notify law enforcement. 3. Failure to provide insurance card to other driver. Incident is on video, quality unknown. Appearance is in a "Notice to appear and complaint in municipal court" setting.
Your question raises 5th amendment protection issues. Given the careless driving charge and its effect on your...
Do I get tested the same day I fill out my pre trial registration paperwork an etc?
Do they test my urine the same day that I register into pretrial level 2 random testing for alcohol an drugs? If so what if i fail my drug test? Will they put me directly back in jail at that time? seeing it's my very first time going through this kind of stuff I would hope not because I may be dirty to be completely honest. So I'm nervous to go register after work.
No clue, expect that they will....................................
Can I argue my DUI in the situation that I was in
I recently was at a frat party and few drinks at it. I was planning on driving to the dorms (approximately a 3-4 minute drive from the house) and parking my car there so my boyfriend could drive me to my house which is about 20 minutes from the frat house. When I left the frat house I found my passenger tire slashed but I figured I could get it to the dorms with no trouble and get a ride back to it in the morning. I was approximately 20 feet from pulling into the parking lot when I was pulled over for the flat and the fact that my car was hard to control in that situation. I was driving about 10 mph but when pulled over I was told I smelled of alcohol and had to get out of my vehicle to do a sobriety test followed by a breath test. This entire time I was telling the officers what I was trying to do but tp no prevail. I was arrested and have court soon. On my DUI report there is no record of what I blew so as of now I have no idea what it was. I'm just wondering if there's any way I can argue anything in this given situation.
Get local counsel to represent you in order to preserve your driving privileges and your record or more.
When am I legally eligible to get off of supervision?
I was given a 5 years Department Of Corrections All Suspended for Felony Issuing Bad Check. I was also given 10 years Department Of Corrections Suspended 5 Years for Felony Burglary. Both occurred in 2008. All fines and restitution are payed in full.
The specific answer will come from your Court judgement and asking your p.o and attorney.
I got a dui and I am 18 but still in highschool. Can I apply to be a minor still?
I got a DUI and im 18. I still attend high school though so can I Still be considered a minor
Nope. One of the perks of being an adult. Sorrry
If I plead guilty can I still obtain a probation liscense to get to work?
I was pulled over for DUI in bozeman and refused the breathalyzer, eventually taking a blood test. I will be going to court on Monday. I live 30-40 min outside work.
It is unclear from your explanation whether not you were marked down as a refusal. If you refused the test or tests...
Can u test 9ng thc in blood two days later not the metabolites
I have a med card.I got a marijauna dui and I hadn't smoked in two days.I tested 9ng thc in blood.please help
They can really test anything these days. The State crime lab has the best of the best stuff. But that doesn't mean...