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What evidence can I submit with my proposed Amended Complaint for Punitive Damages in a DUI Car Accident matter?
Car Accident in Palm Beach County, FL by driver who got arrested and pled guilty to DUI. No depositions have taken place yet. What are some examples of evidence I can submit or "proffer" to Court with my Amended Complaint adding Punitive Damages for DUI. I only have police report and conviction letter from State Attorneys Office. Is that enough? What other things can I append to the Amended Complaint that will make my claim for punitive damages strong and allow Judge to add/keep punitive damages claim in the action.
What is the basis of your lawsuit? Find a personal injury attorney to consult with regarding your accident. Don't...
Can a hospital forcibly take your urine with a catheter
I was arrested for probable cause dui and was taken to hospital and they forced a decathter in me
Yes, depending on the circumstances. Please hire an attorney ASAP.
Can I change my ex's visitation if he lives with a male roommate, has missed visits because of DUI and jail time?
I recently found out that My ex husband had been arrested for a DUI last year, arrested again for violating parole, and I was unable to contact him for 2 weeks while He was in jail. I did not know about any of this until after he was released. I don't know his current address, or who his male roommate is. I found out this past weekend he has been driving his car to and from pick up without insurance with our daughter. He had been lying saying a family member dropped him off. I also found out through our daughter she slept in his room and bed overnight at his apartment when we agreed she was to spend her overnights at her grandparents' home where she has a room of her own, while he stays in his room of their home. I don't know what I should do.
You would need to file a petition for modification of time sharing based on the change in circumstances, or possibly a...
Our condo hosts dinner parties, tickets are sold and alcohol is served. Who is responsible if someone is drunk and injured?
Our association has several parties annually. Occasionally someone is over served and we are concerned they may be injured walking or driving. Some guests are not in our association. How can we avoid liability should this occur. We do not have insurance to cover this and wish to avoid obtaining liquor licenses.
The association might be liable. There is only one way to avoid liability: Don't serve alcohol. To mitigate it, don't...
How long does the prosecution have to appeal a motion to suppress in a misdemeanor DUI case in Florida?
Motion to suppress the stop was granted by the judge. I would like to know how long the state has to appeal the motion before this is complete?
State has 30 days to file a Notice of Appeal. If they don't, you're all clear. If they do, the appellate process can...
How do I get a 12 yr old DUI off of my record from Nassau County, Long Island?
In June of 2000, I was arrested because the guy thought I was stoned. It was 4:30 am, just got off of work and I was exhausted. He arrested me because he smelled pot. (My roommate was smoking, I am allergic to THC). Urine test came back and I had trace amounts of cocaine in my system from 2 nights prior). Was let out a few hours later, plead guilty on advice of a very bad attorney, and thought nothing of it. Well 12 yrs later I can't get a job with a state agency due to this stupid charge. I need to get it off my record or reopen the case. I don't have unlimited funds , partly because I can't even get a job in my field. So if anyone can help me, I would be much obliged. I have tried calling numerous attorneys, but no one is ever around. Help please!!!
I hate to have to tell you this, but you are going to need the services of a New York attorney, not a Florida one. The...
Daughter (30yr)arrested charged w/DUI. No alcohal in her system(00)Police found her multipal precribed meds in car.
She is now jailed(poss 90 days)I need to file a claim against the doctor! She had to drop out of school,has large student loan and is not doing well in jail! How should I begin? I called him (denial, never heard such a thing, etc) should I first send him a demand letter? To put his MMP Insur on notice? I have a criminal defense lawyer for her but he suggests I contact a MP Atny.
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