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Do I have a legitimate defense if I can provide proof that a DUI is no longer on my record after it has already been discovered?
I received a DUI in PA 10 years ago. I recently received a second DUI in Florida 10 years and 1 month after my first offense. The previous DUI in PA showed up when they ran my criminal history. I have read that after 10 years it should not show up on my record or at least there is a possibility it can be sealed. Would trying to get this expunged or sealed in PA be beneficial to my defense after they already discovered it? Could I request the court to run another background check in hopes they won't find it? Would it help if I could get it sealed or proof it was expunged and I can provide my own documentation? Or are the initial findings final and there is nothing I can do to change it? Thanks in advance.
Your FL State Attorney (prosecutor) is going to try to move Heaven and Earth to prove up your 1st DUI and use it...
Will there be repercussions for missing a guardian interlock rolling retest?
I am not on probation but have a conditional discharge for a DUI I got in New York over 3 years ago. I need an interlock in my car until November. About 6 weeks ago I missed a blow (I have no idea how) and had to go in and have it reset. The guy said no big deal. 2 days ago I left the keys in my ignition and came back 10 min later and had missed a retest. I went to the place this morning and this new guy said it may be a big deal for missing another rolling retest. These are the only 2 foul-ups I've made since I got the device almost 3 months. Should I be worried? I didn't fail, just missed a blow and immediately passed the next one.
Generally missing a test is as bad as failing one. But, since this is a NY FYI, you need to speak with an attorney from...
I have 4 life time dui's in florida 2 were 30 years ago one in 79 one in 83 one in 04 and one in 2015
Dui law florida how do they consider that habitual
HabitualTraffic Offender status is only for 5 years. However, if you have four (4) DUI's, the law requires that your...
“How long does a DUI in the state of Florida have to stay on your record until expungment?”
“How long does a DUI in the state of Florida have to stay on your record until expungment?”
I do not believe expungement is automatic, you probably have to file a motion with the court in the event you are...
I was on a 1 year probation for cocaine posesion. Rear-ended another driver. My fault. I chose to call police. Arrested for DUI.
Did not blow. Did not report in out of fear of incarceration. Am i accumulating numerous violations as time goes on? it's been about 6-7 weeks.
Getting arrested is not a violation. Failing to report it to probation is a violation. Refusing to blow could be a...
Can I get a hardship license even with a possession of a controlled substance (cocain) and if so how long do I have to wait .
I was stop and gave permission to search a the police found a very small amount of cracked cocain I was placed on probation for 2 years and was violated after 1 1/2 yrs .
If you were convicted of a drug offense then you will receive a mandatory two (2) year DL suspension. Assuming...
How do I apply for an appeal hearing after getting a dui during the first 10 days?
I got a dui and I have 10 days to appeal the suspension. I basically just need the extra 30 days to get my affairs in order before my license is suspended so I need to know how to submit a formal appeal.
You have to go to the Lantana Office to request a hearing. There are some documents you have to fill out and your will...