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Can you get probation on a drunk & disorderly charge?
Gettin charged with a domestic violence, no proof r evidence, said that I could take lesser charge of drunk & disorderly with 6 months probation. Just didnt think there was probation with that?
Hi, thanks for your question. Who was it that said the "lesser charge" is open to you? Your attorney or the prosecutor?...
What will most likely happen after a DUI while on probation for non DUI misdemeanor
Got into a accident that was not my fault no one hurt but blew 1.7. I have the arraignment tomorrow which I plan to plead not guilty and get a lawyer (should I go with a appointed?) I have been on probation for over a year for theft over 1000. What is most likely going to happen?
The high BAC drunk driving will treat you as though the first offense does not exist except for purposes of creating a...
I have a DUI in 2004 never seen the doctor to draw my blood also went to the doctors and a half hours later after drinking 2 bee
After 18 months I took a guilty plea even though I was not guilty with the lawyer telling me I can have it expunged after 5 years that was a lie and when I went to the courthouse they changed my records right in front of me
I'm sorry but I do not see a question here. Nor is this medical malpractice. Please restate your question and perhaps...
If my driver's license is revoked in Michigan due to my second D.U.I. will I be able to get a license in California?
My license was revoked for a year due to my second D.U.I. in that period of time, I moved to California. When my time was up, I called the Secretary of State in Michigan to attempt to reinstate my license, however, they told me I'd have to go through a lengthy administrative hearing, and possibly fly back to Michigan to appear. I have been told from a number of semi-reliable sources that because Michigan is not a part of the interstate compact that I would be able to get one in California. Out of the sources that have told me that, some have told me to retake the entire driving test as if I have never had a license before, while others have told me simply to show them my Michigan driver's license and say I want a California one. (Yes I still have the plastic MI license. It's a long story.) I just want to know for sure what my best course of action should be. Any advice would help!
Your best course of action is to clear up your license in Michigan.
Can you be violated for taking a blood test instead of a urine?
A friend of mine got an owi in Michigan and we live in Cleveland Ohio. 645 Thursday night she blew into our breathalyzer 15 minutes later it told her in 15 min. to blow again she did it the next morning at 7:45 at Sober link Guy called and told her to take a egt test. That there were traces of alcohol. so after work approximately 4 o'clock she went to Cleveland clinic and had a blood test done. That was Friday today is Monday. He calls her this morning and told her that it was the wrong test he wanted urine and that he was going to report her to her PO. She offered to go for a urine analysis today and he said it was too late.
It sure sounds like they are trying to violate her probation, so she needs legal help. Try to find MI counsel that has...
Did I violate my probation and what will happen now? DUI Rochester
I was convicted by a jury of DUI. I am one month into a year of probation. In lieu of JAMS testing, I have an interlock device from smart start and I'm required to blow between 8am and 9am every morning, which I've done without issue. However, this morning my key fob malfunctioned and I could not unlock my car (it's a new higher end car with no actual key). I went to the dealer (my wife drove me in her car) at 8:30am, they reprogrammed the key, but that didn't work. So we had to go to the Troy Motor Mall and get a new key fob, which had to be programmed as well. Got back to my car at 10:10, unlocked my car and submitted a successful clean test. I have the paperwork from the dealer and the phone calls, etc. I figured it was no big deal but several coworkers are telling me that 52-3 probation office will definitely violate me for being an hour late on the test, and that I will probably go jail or get WAMM weekends and fines, etc. Is this true? I don't think I did anything wrong at all and I did everything I could (short of smashing my own window) and I haven't drank a drop of alcohol. But I'm hearing none of that matters, I'm screwed...
Your should call your attorney about this. I would recommend documenting your efforts, and seeking a EGT test asap....
Can SOS state license appeal officers check bank records
Im trying to to get a revoked license back from dui's. Im in michigan. I do not drink anymore 4 years sober. But I do purchase wine and beers for my girlfriend and company we have over and I use my bank card. Would or could the secretary of state get my bank records and use that against me saying Iam buying alcohol. It truely is not for me. just thought of this makes Me afraid that this could lead to a denial if they could obtain that info. Would or do they go to that extent?
No, they don't. But they do ask you if you have any alcohol in your home. if you do, they assume that you are drinking.