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I got a drunk driving witha high bac the prosecuter dropped it to first offense i ped guilty.probation of course.
i only went to probatoin once i didnt do anything the judge ordered . i went to jail for a few days when he sentence. me. then i was picked up for not doing my community service and sat again. i had to move since and am no longer in michigan. i have missed a show cause hearing. how far can they come get me and can my charges change from misdemeanor?
Contact your attorney. David B. Snyder, Esq. 6876 Buckley Road Syracuse, NY 13212 315-451-3040 http://www....
Can I get class D felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor in state of Michigan? Six years have passed, and it is impacting employment.
My background check from state of Michigan states misdemeanor charge and conviction, but the codes state felony so I have "slipped under the radar" in terms of employment as an occupational therapist---until now. This is devastating, and I would like to know if there is anything I can do at this point.
I dont think you can get it reduced after the fact. I think you are thinking about expungement which is getting it off...
I'm on probation for a DUI, yesterday I went to drug testing and I blew a .009. Then waited 15 minutes and blew all 0s.
They told me it counts as 0s but they have to notify the court anyways. I have a prescription for a solution that gets rid of cold sores which is 93 percent alcohol... am I going to be okay?
This will be better fielded by someone on the east side, perhaps Attorney Marshal Tauber, but I would suspect that if...
Had 2 dui's 04 -06 trying for my licences back. went for evaluation, all was good but was positive for marijuana
I was around people that was smoking and maybe that didn't help me. but I've had no licences for 10 years was looking forward to getting back I need to be with my family more
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
Owi dropped to careless driving?
On saturday night i left the bar at 1:30 am to drive to a nearby hotel. While checking my gps a blew out my tire on a curb in a mall parking lot i immediately called onstar to have my tire changed. They said they would be a couple hours so i put my hazard lights on tookmy keys out of the ignition and layed back to wait. 1.5 hours later i hear a tap on my window and its the police. They didnt give me a field sobriety test. The pbt read .11 they arrested me with a dui. Took my blood at around 4 am. I am a army medic veteran that struggled with PTSD. I work full time at a vascular surgeons office as a medical assistant/paramedic. I attend u of m for pre med with a gpa of 3.95. I also volunteer. This would ruin my chance at med school. I have zero priors. Just maybe a parking ticket or two
The likelihood of a reduction to Careless Driving is slim, but each case is determined by its own set of facts. Get an...
Can you get a DUI on a horse?
Can you get a DUI on a horse? Is it called a DUI or something else? And, does it matter if you're riding horseback or operating a buggy?
I'll bet you can, though it may be called something slightly different and I can't say I have ever actually seen one....
How long until I can get my license back after getting a 3rd OUI while driving on restricted license?
I was convicted of OUI in 2000 and another in 2001. My license was revoked for 1 year by the DLAD. I received my restricted license in 2008 and had a breathalyzer in my car for 1 year and was removed after 1 year of compliance. I never went back to the DLAD to get a fully unrestricted license despite being able to. While still driving on a restricted (to work, aa, emergency medical appt, etc) license, but no longer required to have the breathalyzer, earlier in 2015 I was pulled over and had been drinking and am facing a 3rd OUI. What are the ramifications of receiving a 3rd OUI while on a restricted license but having had the prior 2 OUIs over 14 years ago? Thank you
first of all, if you did not go back to DLAD under what authorization did you remove your interlock system? If IF you...