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How much time can a person get for driving without liscense after being declared a habitual offender and a felon
History of drunk driving, driving without liscensesHabitual offender and felon.Got drunk driving ticket in August, was not driving when police came. Side swiped a parked car was not driving when police came Was sitting in car on private property. Got stopped again in August in Richmond,Va. for driving without liscense and habitual offender. Girlfriend drove to Richmond,but her eyes were getn blurry ,and she was scared she might run in the back of someone, and she doesn't know her way around Richmond,bu His sister asked to drop her off somewhere,so the girlfriend asked if he would drive to drop her off and she would drive from there.She just wanted to rest her eyes for a minute. Approximately how much time do you think he may get. he's currently in the Richmond cityjail.2months highcourt
He should consult with his attorney. There are guidelines, which all depend on specific factors of the person's...
Virginia DWI expungement
Two years ago I received a DWI charge which was nolle prossed in exchange for a guilty plea to civil refusal. No other lifetime arrest/criminal history. SOL has tolled on the nolle'd charge. Have filed an expungement petition in Circuit Court for the DWI charge, submitted fingerprints, etc. Waiting for background check to arrive in court. Should I hire a lawyer to handle the expungement hearing? Is the CA likely to object, and cite the refusal as a reason to deny the expungement?
Generally, prosecutors do not object to expungements. However, In Fairfax County, anything can happen! Since...
I need a lawyer that handles out of state cases
Dui charge but i live in va and i can't get my driver license until my case is settled
Is the case is in Virginia wouldn't make sense to hire a lawyer from Virginia. If the case is in another state wouldn't...
Do i even have a chance? 1st offense dui Virginia
charged with my 1st offense DUI. My roadside breathalizer test was 0.15. and one hour later my BAC was .08. My neighbor is a Lutenant for my local police dept and my neighbor. He offered to " look into" my charges. He felt he could get things reduced to a reckless and not to hire an attorney. Fast forward to today...court is on Tuesday the sept the 8th. The assistant district attorney called me and went over thier plea offer. She said the case had no flaws in her opinion and that she should give me no break. They plea is a reduction to wet wreckless. I would have to attend ASAP,interlock 6 months, 6 months loss of license and 250.00 fine. Basically DUI without the actual charge on my record. . Should i ask for a continence? Should i get a lawyer and fight it?
You are accused of a DUI. The government has offered to amend the charge to reckless driving in exchange for your...
What can happen for a second dui with a probation violation which wasn't brought up at the original sentencing of 59 days
already in jail for almost 3 weeks and get brought to court then for a probation violation in Virginia beach va
You may be revoked on the earlier sentence and sent back to jail to either serve additional time or for the time to run...
What can happen for a second dui with a probation violation which wasn't brought up at the original sentencing of 59 days
already in jail for almost 3 weeks and get brought to court then for a probation violation
Are you saying you had a second DUI pending which wasn't disposed of when you went to court for a first DUI probation...
Can I personally see a dash cam recording?
About 6 weeks ago, I was pulled over for swerving. The officer had me exit the vehicle and perform several alcohol-related tests. I am disabled and told the officer before any tests that I could not (ever) do them. The entire night was very strange and the officer did not conduct himself according to protocol (if not LAW). I was provided with a PD and a Request for Discovery was made for the recording, which the police Dprt. said they have. After 6 weeks, finally yesterday my PD says she reviewed the recording, and presented me with a transcript which is almost-completely false. I told the PD I personally want the recording. I fear something shady is going on, but cannot afford my own attorney. Advice?
Your counsel who is your eyes and ears reviewed the recording. counsel can request that the recording be reviewed again...