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Can I drive snowmobile
I got 3rd degree dwi I am enrolled in interlock program I don't need a license to drive on beings I was born before dec 31 1976 wondering if I still can drive snowmobile in minnesota?
Have an attorney review your terms of probation to seem if there is any thing that prohibits use of a snow mobile,
Dui while car was parked
I have more then 1 dui so they seized my car after my recent dui. I was parked and sleeping in my car with the car on. can the still seize it if i was sleeping and not driving?
If charged with a DWI even while sleeping in a vehicle, it is still possible to have the vehicle seized and forfeited....
Can I be charged with DUI in my parking lot and hearsay?
Police were called to do a wellness check cause family thought I was driving while intoxicated, wasn't driving, but I was in my car smoking a cigarette and passed out, mind you I was at my apartment complex. Car was not on and keys fell between the center console and seat. When the police showed up, my sister in law was standing between the driver door and me and my foot was hanging out. Before then, they went to the wrong apartment complex, in the report they stated "drove through parking lot but could not locate vehicle". They did the field test on me, failed, and blew .23 and they arrest me for dui. My car is a push button start and they turned it on without my consent and they tore up my car trying to locate the keys. Took them awhile to find them, they had to literally dig through my whole vehicle to find them. The officer told my sister in law "because of what he blew, that is enough to charge him with a DUI". I don't know how to go about this and I feel I was not in the wrong. Now I fear just being in my car.
Hello. Not sure what you mean by 'smoking...passed out' - wonder if you wound up with some burns, small fire... Law...
What do I do after my DWI?
This last weekend has been the worst of my life, on Friday night I left a friend's house and hit some ice and thought I hit a snowbank, in shock I drove back to my friend's house because I had hit my head to clean my face up, my friend said he would ride with me so I would feel better, driving by the scene the cops saw my vehicle and pulled me over, I was very complient and did everything the officer said. He told me I actually hit a pole that was in the snowbank, I was placed in the back of the car and was brought to the station where I was booked with a BAL of .17, I bailed out the next morning but was not given my court date. They said I would have my license revoked for a year and whiskey plates for the same amount of time. What do I do next? They never offered me an attorney, I don't know when my court date is. This is my first time ever in trouble, ever been arrested, never a citation or warning for anything. What do I do?
Contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately. There is a narrow window of time to dispute the civil implied consent...
I was charged with dwi. I had prescribed meds in my system. How to proceed?
I am in recovery. went though c d treatment in early 2016. while there I was placed on anxiety meds to treat underlying behavior issues. On 10/29/16 I was stopped for erratic driving. The resulting blood test came back positive for lorazepam. I now have a dwi charge based on that blood test analysis
Do not post abiut your case online. You should consult with a lawyer today. You have some potential defenses that...
Car seized cause of dui
My second dui and blew over .20 so they seized my car. My breath test at the police station was over an hour later and my bac was most likely under .20 when i was arrested. Can i fight against that to get my car back?
You can raise that issue and potentially others. You would be best served by consulting with an attorney who regularly...
How much bail should be charged for 4th degree dui,
No one hurt, no damage to property,had elevated pulse rate
Obviously, it depends on several factors, not just the charge. It's not uncommon for a first time offender with a...