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I got 3rd degree dwi I am enrolled in interlock program I don't need a license to drive on beings I was born before dec 31 1976 wondering if I still can drive snowmobile in minnesota?
Have an attorney review your terms of probation to seem if there is any thing that prohibits use of a snow mobile,
He has had one DUI In SD when he was 17. No other record of drinking/minor or anything else. He was released right away from jail,barely over limit. No other charges. He got DUI in Minnesota and he is from SD.
Based on the limited information that you provided (and you shouldn't provide much more in this public forum) and that...
I was being really stupid when I entered a McDonalds parking lot, I took a turn I take very often going faster then I thought and hit a metal guard rail. There was no damage to the guard rail. No one was near me when I did this and no one was in the parking lot. I blew a .13 and was released to a family member without being "booked" What can I expect in court? I just want to do what I need to do to rectify my mistake. I really don't like the idea of probation because I just want this to be over with and probation strings it along 1...2...3.. years or whatever it is.
There are a number of things you can do to improve your situation, both with the criminal charges and as it relates to...
I am a 36 year old female. Mother of a 5 year old .Completed probation. Have completed treatment. Work as a hairstylist. my first dui was in 1999, I was 20. My second was in 2002 I was 23, than my 3rd I was 24 in 2003 and my 4th I was 26 in dec. 2005. I have struggled with getting housing because of this title. Also, having to put this on applications has made employers look poorly at me... i am not a criminal, but society sees the word felony and jumps all over it with judgements. I have struggled with alcohol addiction since I was 13. And today as an adult know when to ask for help and am not too proud to admit when I need it. It's been a lifelong battle, one I will fight tooth and nail. I work hard in life and feel I would like the chance to be able to take this thing back to court
The new expungement law leaves the door open for the possibility of expungung DWIs. It sounds like you can make a very...
I am on mail probation......low level for a misdemeanor dwi. My terms are a MADD impact panel, & 8 hr dwi class. Last week I got a call to come in. I had to pee in a cup and they called it an 80 hr test......I have not drank in 9 months. It has been one week since that test and I have heard this typical? I have never been in trouble before so this is unfamiliar to me
these probationary conditions for a misd. DWI are not unusual. However, your question re. urine sample implies that...
you are in Oceanside CA on vacation, you get a dui, but you have to leave the next day. you loose the ticket. After time goes by, you remember the ticket, but can't get any information on hoe to pay it. will my driving privileges in MN be affected by this.
You contact an attorney from Vista, CA--because that's were cases from Oceanside are handled--and you have that...
I was arrested on Tuesday Jan.13,2015 for DWI 169A.20.1, DWI 4th degree 169A.27.1 and DWI refusal 169A.20.2. I have 2 prior DWIs from 1993 and 1994. My first court appearance is Feb. 23, 2015. I need to get my license back as soon as possible (for work and such). What are the steps I need to take to get it back? If I even can? I live in MN.
Your going to have to go in and speak with an attorney. You've got a ton going on.