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What to do when stopped for a DUI or stopped at a checkpoint?
During a DUI stop or Checkpoint, am I required to perform field sobriety test? Or can I say that I won't do any test or answer any questions without a lawyer being present? I know that license and registration, of the driver, must be presented when stopped, just not sure about the field sobriety test. Thank you in advance.
The general rule is that the officer at the checkpoint must observe or sense something that indicates the driver is...
I need help with a DWI. Experience with ignition interlock preferred.
-Document requirements for ignition interlock removal? -Specifically where to show up and at what time? -Any further details on the process would be helpful. -Your charge for representation on that day?
Unfortunately this site does not allow solicitations. You will need to reach out directly to attorneys who practice...
I was parked at a public parking lot and the cop took me out and i was charge with second Dui is there a chance to win this case
I had a first dui over 6 year and my secon one now . I was parked at a public parking lot it was cold so i had the car on to use the heater. I had called my mother but the police didnt ask and you told me to step out of the car .
Yes, possibly, but you're going to have to hire an attorney to fight on your behalf.
I was just arrested for a second DUI within 5-10 years was actually 7 years ago.My bad was .14 officer stated passed sobriety te
I did do the field sobriety test officer stated passed but smelled alcohol..Officer stated reason pulled me over was because of tag light out which is not true the light does work
Use the Find a Lawyer function at the top of the page to find an attorney in your area that handles DUI matters. Many...
I finished my asap classes , i just have one more month of probation. I paid for 2 random drug test and have Not been tested .
Will they still keep me on probation if they havent drug tested me ? Or does it depend on the P.O? Also I have court to dismiss the charges , do i still have to go ?
It sounds like you are in a first offender program. I will depend on your probation officer whether you are drug...
4th driving on suspended I'm also on probation what's a likely sentence I would receive.
Its also my first volition of probation and its a new charge the driving on suspened
I am not licensed in Virginia, but in California, where I am licensed, it matters quite a bit why your license is...
Do I have A chance to fight this violation?
I have a Lifesafer lock on my truck on December 2014 I blew a fail and called my VSAP as soon as I did and told them what I drank and how much. As a result I had to restart my 6mth monitoring over and pay VSAP $50 a month and $80 montly for the device what a pain but it was my fault. I work from home and we had had a lot of snow and ice and hadn't started my truck for 2 wks till 2/18/2015 at 11am I had not been drinking I blew a fail I turned truck off and did what the paper said if false positive went back blew a warning but was able to start truck i assumed it just needed to warm up while waiting it signaled to blow again and it failed with truck running this happened all within 1 hr. Waited for VSAP to get back from lunch to tell them what happened tried again at 1:20pm an it passed.
No way to know without getting and overlooking all the evidences surrounding this issue.