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Out of state dui?
I live in Iowa but was visiting South Dakota. I was unfamiliar with the area I was in and hit a high curb causing damage to my car. Cops were called and I was asked to take a Breathalyzer. I blew a .0814. This is my first ever offense (I am over 50). I have never been in trouble with the law before. How are 1st offenses handled? Do I follow Dui laws in the state it happened or my home state?
Criminal offenses are prosecuted where the offense occurred. There is no blanket answer as to how first offenses are...
I got a dui in South Dakota with a blood alcohol of.091 when I got to the station the it was .062?
I was at a hot across the steeet and woke up was hungry so I went to a hotel across the street and upon returning a cop said I went over the yellow line but in the paper it said illigal right turn but the cop gave me another back and it was .062 and that with the blood I should be able to get out of it??
You definitely need an attorney. Breath tests are not as accurate as blood tests, and the actual blood test is what's...
Will my case be dismissed if my BAC comes back below 0.08, with no drugs, and I am 28 years old?
Aced 3 out of 5 field sobriety tests. Blew out 0.076. Got pulled over for "lane driving" 50 mph in the right lane on the highway with 65 mph limit. Was cooperative and reasonable with police. Have a clean record.
Whether a matter is dismissed is typically a matter of prosecutorial discretion. Often times they will offer a plea to...
Do you need a lawyer to use SIS?
Was pulled over for a DUI, not sure what I blew but was wondering if you need a lawyer for the suspend imposition of sentencing.
No, you don’t need a lawyer to request it. If you plead guilty or are convicted, you just request it yourself at the...
What happens when son got pulled over in South Dakota for DUI and had his daughter with him?
My son lives in Washington State. He went on a road trip with his 8 year old daughter to Missouri. ON his way back home, he got stopped in Pennington County South Dakota. They took him to Jail and DFS took his daughter. Will there be a charge on him driving with his child? I am the grandparent and I live in Florida
Likely, yes. Depending upon the circumstances, he could be charged with felony child abuse, or just a misdemeanor one....
Personal ID and or registration of a vehicle with outstanding warrant for DUI?
Will the South Dakota DMV alert law enforcement if one applies for a state ID or either want to register a vehicle with an outstanding warrant for DUI?
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What are the South Dakota Controlled Substance II possession laws for drugs found in vehicle that doesnt belong to the driver?
A friend was pulled over for hitting a jaywalking pedestrian at night in a BORROWED VEHICLE on a major city road. They searched the car & found drugs & other paraphanelia in a CROWN ROYAL BAG in back seat on floor buried under clothes, misc stuff. He is now being personally charged for what they found. Did they have right to do a Search in first place? Please advise how he can fight these charges. He has no prior convictions, 1st Offense. Clean record.
Without knowing more of the circumstances of the case, it's hard to say whether the search was justified. Did they say...