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I got an aggravated DUI, plead not guilty, what do I do now???
I got an aggravated DUI, because I ran my pickup out of gas and went into the bar to drink and came back out and couldnt make it home so I passed out in my pickup. Is there any statutes that state what an operational vehicle is? I want to see if... because the pickup was out of gas if I can get out of this some way. In my opinion a vehicle needs fuel and if it doesnt have fuel its as useless as a rock on the ground. There would have been nothin I could do to be in complete control of the pickup if it was out of gas. I blew a .225 where in MT legal limit is .08. This is my first offense against the law ever and cant have this on my record. PLEASE HELP! I have not found an attourney yet.
Consult with a local defense attorney. Most lawyers offer free consultations.
Can I get my DUI lowered to reckless?
I was stopped for speeding and received a DUI. I willingly gave blood for the BAC, because I could not blow enough for the other one. This is my 1st DUI charge. I was also fined for open container.
It is possible to get a dui lowered. However every case is different, it is best to consult with an experienced local...
Can I argue my DUI in the situation that I was in
I recently was at a frat party and few drinks at it. I was planning on driving to the dorms (approximately a 3-4 minute drive from the house) and parking my car there so my boyfriend could drive me to my house which is about 20 minutes from the frat house. When I left the frat house I found my passenger tire slashed but I figured I could get it to the dorms with no trouble and get a ride back to it in the morning. I was approximately 20 feet from pulling into the parking lot when I was pulled over for the flat and the fact that my car was hard to control in that situation. I was driving about 10 mph but when pulled over I was told I smelled of alcohol and had to get out of my vehicle to do a sobriety test followed by a breath test. This entire time I was telling the officers what I was trying to do but tp no prevail. I was arrested and have court soon. On my DUI report there is no record of what I blew so as of now I have no idea what it was. I'm just wondering if there's any way I can argue anything in this given situation.
Get local counsel to represent you in order to preserve your driving privileges and your record or more.
How can I be arrested for a dui an hour after I was home?
I was arrested about an hour after I got home. I scraped a car in the parking lot and somebody reported that I left the scene w/o notifying the owner, I did notify the owner after I got home since I know her. The police came to my door and made me go outside, I had two glasses of wine when I got home and I told the officer that. He took me in for a breathalyzer, but did not process me (no fingerprints, mugshots etc) then took me home. I am to appear on Monday. What am I facing?
It sounds like you have a defense on the DUI charge. I highly recommend pleading not guilty, requesting a jury trial,...
Should I get a lawyer? Charged with Aggravated DUI - first offense of any kind
I was pulled over and submitted to a breathalyzer, by which I blew a .26 (very high, I know). I was taken to jail and had court not even 6 hours after being arrested. I plead not guilty, because I needed time to think about whether or not I want to get a lawyer. They told me I will get my license taken for 6 months...this is my first offense of any kind. I don't even have any speeding tickets.. I'm just wondering if there is even a point in paying for a lawyer? The one I called basically told me it's a long shot to get it reduced at all. I just thought since it's my first one that there might be SOME chance of getting it reduced to a regular DUI or possibly getting my license suspended for like 3 months instead of 6? Lawyer said Montana doesn't budge on this..especially since I submitted to breathalyzer and blew so high.PLEASE HELP!!!
If you wouldn't get a lawyer now, when would you? There is too much at risk for you. If you cannot afford a private...
I had 2 dui charges in Oregon and 1 in Washington..have not addressed them. how much trouble am I in?
Have moved out of state, been sober for 1 year..what should I do. I am a disabled vet and wear a prothsitheticouple. and have a lot of medical issues. can I please get some direction?
First, re-post the question under criminal law as this is not a medical malpractice issue. Best of luck.
Will a judge drop your charge of suspended licence if you re new it before court
well i got pulled over with a suspended licence and now have court on the 28th of this month and i was supposed to get a lawyer but kept pushing it off so im hopping that once i renew my licence they'll drop the charge
Get the lawyer on your side. The only answer we can give is perhaps.