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Do I have a chance in fighting this DUI? I was parked and sober!
I am getting charged with a DUI for a Schedule 1 controlled substance (marijuana). I was parked because I was lost and needed to use my GPS. A cop knocked on my window. My passenger had weed on her body, and he picked up the smell. I did not want to rat my friend out, so when the cop asked when I had last smoked marijuana, I answered truthfully and told him it was several hours before I started operating. He made me get out of the car, asked my name. I told him and offered him my license which was in my car. He refused to let me back in my car to retrieve it. He then conducted a field sobriety test, and failed me for my left eye not crossing in when he moved the pen towards my nose (after taking my glasses off). I was then arrested and taken for blood where i had residual THC
There are some clear issues in your case. Most often the probable cause to stop or arrest are indicated. The fact...
Will I get D.U.I ? Can i fight my license being suspended.
My truck was in a one car accident. Another person that was in the truck got serious injured. The cops showed up asking who truck was it, for my driver license and what happen. Than ask if I am prescribe anything, an can I drive while taking them. I past a sobriety test. Nothing else was said. The EMT came over an told me I was going to the hospital for evaluation. I was checked out an signed papers saying I did not need no further treatment. I went check on the other person in the car. Told come back 30 mins they were going to do cat scans. I left hospital called family. While I was going back to hospital about 40 mins later, a cop came up to me put arms around my chest an told me I was going to get blood work done. I refused an asked why the an next thing I was arrested.
Yes, you will be charged with a DUI and considering there was a serious accident in this case, you could be possibly...
Do you have to go to the police station to be charged with a dui?
my daughter was sitting in the drivers seat with the car on. Police came shestarted throwing up, they took her to the hospitsal n drew blood, then realsed n was told it will come in the mail...will she be charged with a dui? And will she be arrested?
No you don't have to go to police station. Many times when people are arrested they are taken right to the hospital...
DUI Highest Rate withdrawn
My brother was charged with DUI general & DUI highest rate (because he refused breath test). The Dept. of Transportation (Penndot) suspended his license for 18 months. Now the DUI highest rate charge has been withdrawn. Can he go back to the DOT with this withdrawn charge info and ask for a reduced suspension time?
No. The license suspension was for the refusal itself and is a civil penalty. Even if the entire criminal case...
Can a Carbon County resident get a work license when on the ARD program, 1st offense.
My husband & I were pulled over after having dinner at a local restaurant. He had beer & I had mixed drinks. He failed the breathalyzer test & I pass so the office told me to pick him up at the barracks. He never did a blood test. Had meeting with a local attorney who charged $50.00 and recommended the ARD program since my husband has never been arrested for anything before & he didn't need a lawyer. My husband is an outside contractor for the USPS & delivers mail in the rural areas of Albrightsville. Can & how could he have a work (bread & butter) license. Also, he's had his 1st hearing & the next is in November. Should we obtain a lawyer as after reading on this site it seems we made a big mistake by taking the advice of the lawyer we met who told us he didn't need one for ARD. Thanks
75 Pa.C.S.A. 1553(d)(6) - You cannot get an occupational limited license for a suspension resulting from acceptance of...
My last dui arrest was05/30/2005..Date filed was0 7/25/2005 .I was pulled over july 30 2014.I know I was over the limit.
No accident.i guess i was swerving.Also I could have had my licence back years ago.when my fine was paid off.Also i did one year in jail for that one because I had prior dui.I want to know if i am looking at a min. of 1 year jail time.This is what my friends are telling me.This happened in Jim Thorpe Pa. I am 54 and cant do time again.also was on medication (prescribed) Klonopin.
First, it's a smart idea to refrain from admissions anywhere, period. Second, you need to speak with a PA attorney who...
My dui charges were dismissed in November, how long after can the case be reopened
DUI was in April 2013
Generally the statute of limitations for this offense is 2 years from the date is is alleged to have occured. However,...