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Last month I thought I was okay to drive my car. I have been off probation for 10 months. I am on a zero tolerance which means I cannot drive my vehicle with any alcohol. I blew into my device and blew a 0.065 so it failed and my car wouldn't start so I shut my car off. 3 hours later I attempted to blow again into the device and blew a 0.027 it failed again so I turned the car off. I did not drive. I know the court has no juristiction over me since I am not on probation with the courts since May of 2010 and since I didn't and could not drive because my car would not start would the DMV be able to suspend my license? My attorney tells me not to worry because it was not a rolling test and there is no court to report to due to the fact I am off probation any thoughts?
After your first DUI conviction a Utah driver is issued a "Alcohol Restricted" driving privilege. This is in addition...
My Boyfriend was walking home from the bar and a cop pulled up and was talking to him in a very non hostile manner. Another cop pulled up behind and when he got out of the car took my bf to the ground and told the other cop that was first on the scene he was taking him to jail. The first cop said it was not needed they where standing in front of his home. The second cop took him anyways. When they got to the jail he had never had his rights read to him nor did they do any kind of test what so ever to see if was indeed drunk. Does he have a case if he pleads not guilty?
It really depends on a lot of things. One being what the police report says. Your boyfriend should talk to an...
I was charged with a DUI at the time the officers arrived in the scene my car was off parked and the keys were not in my personnel my friend who's residence we were at was bullied by the cops so she was afraid to tell them that she was driving the cops arrested me for DUI even though i was not even inside the vehicle she said she willing to go testify in court to let the judge know she picked me up in my vehicle
Yes, you need a lawyer for a DUI charge.
I was stopped after a 6 hr drive from St.George to Roy, in Layton. The cop charged me with a DUI. When they took me to the station for the piss test the THC line was faint. I didn't even know what it was then he asked me if I smoked spice.. I didn't know what he ws referring to.
DUIs are brutal in Utah. Talk to a lawyer ASAP. Most lawyers will do a free consultation and help you get a hearing...
I was driving intoxicited and got pulled over for dim lights. I was breathalyzed bur was under the limit.
This is a serious charge and you should never consider pleading guilty of a crime without consulting with an...
Hello , I'm few months away from k1 visa interview in London , I'm extremely worried because I travelled to Florida in 2003 and answered no to landing card question regarding arrests involving CIMTS, I assumed this was asking about serious crimes , however I have one arrest for DUI In 2002 and one arrest as 15 yr old in 95' for burglary . Could anyone please let me know wether this will be an issue in my interview .? I feel I answered the landing card In 2003 truthfully but since learnt that I should've answered yes . Is this a common situation and will I be refused k1 visa thank you .
Arrests are always an issue and must be acknowledged. Please consult with an immigration attorney for further advice.
I went to court today represented by Cooper Law. On top of my attorney being late for court, all she did was schedule another pretrial and when I brought up getting a diversion, (I think that's the correct term) she said that it wasn't offered and wouldn't be an option. She was in the room with the prosecuting attorney for all of about 30 seconds before she came back out. Are there any other options for me to bring up? It's my first "DUI" and I'm not sure I'm being represented fairly and I'd like to see if there is anything that I would be able to do as far as damage control goes.
Most states do not offer diversion for DUI offenses. Your lawyer probably has the answers to your questions. You should...