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DUI Case
My sister had a DUI and went to court and was given classes and other things she needed to complete before a certain date, since that time she has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and has been unable to complete the court orders. She has been given extensions from the classes that she needed to attend. Is it possible for the courts to throw the order out due to her condition and if so how would we go about getting that done?
She or her attorney would have to go into court and speak to the judge directly. DA will oppose any modification of...
What should I take to court for a dui trial
I recently got charged with a dui but I was not driving. My friend that was ran from the scene and because I won't tell I'm being charged even though witnesses said I wasn't the driver
Not sure what the question is but it sounds like you should consider contacting an attorney. If you haven't already...
At what point can you have a single drink (remain below .08) and drive after a 1st DUI conviction?
If you've been arrested for your 1st and only DUI in 2011, and convicted on June 15th 2012, is your probation period only 3 years and if so does that mean you can have a single responsible drink again?
If you are on 3 years probation, it is over on 6/15/2015. Be careful, though. You do not want to pick up a second DUI....
Is it illegal not to use turn signal when exiting a parking lot?
I looked both ways and no moving cars were in sight. Made a right turn onto the road and was pulled over by police for not signaling. Police were hiding in an alley and eventually arrested me for DUI.
Sounds like a fishy stop to me. You need to contact and retain an experienced criminal defense/DUI Attorney who...
My dui is 10 years old i have never done the class but the courts gave me my lisense but dmv will not why when the statue is 10
do i need to get a abstract from the courts.,and will my many drive w suspended lisense affect it too
The 10 year rule applies when they can charge priors. The DMV will likely keep your license suspended until you...
How can I sue a drunk driver that hit me and totalled my car?
I was hit by a drunk driver two weeks ago. My back hurts when I stand for periods of time. And my gallbladder literally moved I had a ultrasound performed because my stomach was hurting really bad. I had also went to the er. The guy hit me at a stop light, I had been stopped and he hit me at 30 to 35 mph according to the police report he also tried to flee the scene but the cops got him. I'm a single mom of two and I had to miss work to go to the er the next day, I work full time /over time over 50 hours per week. I only took off the day after the accident to be checked out because I couldn't afford to take any other time off.
You should consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Often times these type of cases can be...
I was on vacation and i got a DUI. I wanna solve this problem as soon as i can. Im not a US citizen. Whats my next step ?
Hello, I recently was on a vacation trip to san diego when i got a DUI. It was my first ever and i dont have any history of ever breaking any law. I have a misdemeanor arrainment on july 14th. I have not a US citizen. I need help to solve this problem. Please let me knw when can i reach you. Or you can reply me on email. I also noticed that all the documents they have made has lots of mistakes including my name. I was pulled over for speeding and given DUI. Im happy to give you any information.
You can hire a DUI lawyer to appear at both court and DMV on your behalf without having to appear in court. Most DUI...