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DUI Charge, first offense, no injury or property damage
DUI Charge, first offense, no injury or property damage. BAC: .102 I need my car for work.
You're likely at worst to get a DWAI, which will let you keep your license unless you already have four points or more...
DUI Charge, First offense. no injury or property damage I have a PA license and am working in the state of colorado
I have a DUI Charge. First offense, no injury or property damage. BAC reading: .102 (breath test) I need my license in order to drive to work.
I think this is a duplicate posting, but my advice would be to get an experienced DWI attorney retained ASAP to make...
Defense for violating interlock restricted license
Charged with driving a vehicle without an ignition interlock while I have a interlock restricted license. Have not gone to court yet but I get my reinstated license before the court date. Could any point or argument be made if found guilty as to keep my fully reinstated license?
It is good that you will be reinstated by the time you go to court. That is good. What I would strongly recommend is...
DUI, Pub Defender: "Can't cite past TBI & new concussion in crash to explain instability without plea of not guilty by insanity"
DUI: Public Defender says unless pleading NG by reason of insanity, defense can't cite a prior, but still symptomatic TBI in defense. A TBI expert witness can't testify that confusion & instability immediately after a single car 15-MPH accident (driver momentarily knocked out) could be TBI/concussion mimicking intoxication. TBI was long ago but severe (3 months inpatient at TBI rehab hospital). Driver was 100% sober at the time of this accident. In a shocked/confused/concussed state, driver made a huge mistake... went into a bar & drank while awaiting police. Since has been told "pro" drunks carry a bottle when driving, so as to drink after police contact, as it then becomes more difficult to prove the driver was intoxicated while driving. Public Defender says no jury will believe someone who was just in an accident would go drink in a bar while awaiting police, nor would they refuse roadsides & BAC thinking it wouldn't be representative of their state of intoxication/sobriety at time of accident, UNLESS trying to trick their way out of a DUI, concussion & emotions not withstanding, after 1st-ever accident at age 50. Recovering alcoholic/history of relapses. Odor of alcohol in car
You already have an attorney and should ask your own attorney any and all questions that you have concerning your case....
DUI bench warrant and employment background checks out of state.
Because I was frightened I left the state of Colorado prior to trial with pending DUI charge (low BAC but it only has to be above 0.05). I had old priors (15 years) that would make long-term jail and probation certain. I know that a bench warrant has been issued. I understand that extradition for DUI is unlikely from a distant state. However I am concerned about employment background checks. Do non-conviction DUI warrants appear on employment checks?
It depends on who the employer checks with. It certainly could affect your ability to get many different jobs.
If I go to trial for DUI and win can I then be charged with DWAI? If the charge is for DUI can they make it a combined DWAI/DUI
The charge is DUI. Waiting for blood draw but expect BAC of about 0.09/0.08. At trial if it can be argued that actual BAC could have been lower than 0.08 is that enough to win? Or would it have to be to the 0.05 DWAI standard?
If you take your DUI case to a trial and win, the government cannot then turnaround and prosecute you for DWAI for the...
Will countries not allow me after DUI convictions? I know about Canada but are there other countries as well?
I have some DUI convictions on my record (follies of youth) but no injuries or other aggravating factors. I would like to continue to travel overseas but worry about getting visas in other countries.
We're US attorneys. We don't know what countries will prohibit you besides Canada because we don't know the out...