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If I go to trial for DUI and win can I then be charged with DWAI? If the charge is for DUI can they make it a combined DWAI/DUI
The charge is DUI. Waiting for blood draw but expect BAC of about 0.09/0.08. At trial if it can be argued that actual BAC could have been lower than 0.08 is that enough to win? Or would it have to be to the 0.05 DWAI standard?
If you take your DUI case to a trial and win, the government cannot then turnaround and prosecute you for DWAI for the...
Timeline for DUI. How long does it generally take from plea hearing to motions hearings?
My life is on hold until resolution of the case and I expect it to go to the motion hearing stage.
It all depends on what jurisdiction you are in and what the court's docket is like. Typically if you set your case for...
Cant make it to court.. What can i do?
Court in Boulder on the 4th of November for DUI charge. My blood test results should be coming in 10/16/2015...I live in the Michigan and i have graduation for school on the same date as court. Obviously i will need to hire a Lawyer and have them file a motion of continuance for a time that is best suitable for me. Would 17 days be enough time to file for a continuance? Also how much is a reasonable price to pay for a Lawyer who is doing so? How much time does a lawyer put in for this type of request?
I recommend hiring an attorney immediately so that they can file a motion to either continue your court appearance or a...
Court date 11-4-15 will not be getting my blood test results before then. Also I live in Michigan, how do I go about this?
Took a blood test for alcohol and drugs on 9-20-15, called chematox and they said it takes 6-8 weeks because drugs were involved. I have court on the fourth of November. Also I live in Michigan so what should I do regarding my first court date and traveling and such..
I would contact a local DUI attorney to help you navigate your case. An attorney will be able to file a request with...
Will countries not allow me after DUI convictions? I know about Canada but are there other countries as well?
I have some DUI convictions on my record (follies of youth) but no injuries or other aggravating factors. I would like to continue to travel overseas but worry about getting visas in other countries.
We're US attorneys. We don't know what countries will prohibit you besides Canada because we don't know the out...
Is there any chance that appearing on a 5-7-2, alcohol possession, could be advantageous over accepting guilt and paying?
I received a 'Possessing/Consuming of Alcohol in Public' the other night from two officers. Though I am underage, I was given the choice to be charged with the 5-7-2 that I took, an MIP, or both. It seems, at this point, my options are to either send in the $100 accepting guilt and taking the hit to my record, or appearing in court and paying $25 in the hopes that the officers won't show up or something similar in luck will result in a better outcome. Is there any risk of a more severe result from pleading innocent and being found guilty, other than having to now pay $125 and it being on record? And finally, would rescheduling the court appearance increase the chance of the officers not showing up enough to outweigh the potential repercussions if they would?
Call around and get a free consultation before making a decision. If you challenge a citation, the court or prosecutor...
Do I need interlock after 4 years of not driving, or having a license?
I took a plea for a high BAC DWAI in Colorado in 2011. I moved out of the country following my probation and never had an interlock installed in my vehicle or applied to have my license reinstated. Now I am moving back to Illinois, do I have to have an interlock installed in order to get an IL license? Is there any way to not have an interlock installed if I have been without a license for an extended period of time?
I have two pieces of advice. One, contact an attorney in IL to see what their requirements are. Some states follow...