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Is there any chance that appearing on a 5-7-2, alcohol possession, could be advantageous over accepting guilt and paying?
I received a 'Possessing/Consuming of Alcohol in Public' the other night from two officers. Though I am underage, I was given the choice to be charged with the 5-7-2 that I took, an MIP, or both. It seems, at this point, my options are to either send in the $100 accepting guilt and taking the hit to my record, or appearing in court and paying $25 in the hopes that the officers won't show up or something similar in luck will result in a better outcome. Is there any risk of a more severe result from pleading innocent and being found guilty, other than having to now pay $125 and it being on record? And finally, would rescheduling the court appearance increase the chance of the officers not showing up enough to outweigh the potential repercussions if they would?
Call around and get a free consultation before making a decision. If you challenge a citation, the court or prosecutor...
Do I need interlock after 4 years of not driving, or having a license?
I took a plea for a high BAC DWAI in Colorado in 2011. I moved out of the country following my probation and never had an interlock installed in my vehicle or applied to have my license reinstated. Now I am moving back to Illinois, do I have to have an interlock installed in order to get an IL license? Is there any way to not have an interlock installed if I have been without a license for an extended period of time?
I have two pieces of advice. One, contact an attorney in IL to see what their requirements are. Some states follow...
What to expect after a 1st offense DUI
Someone blows a .089, and it's their 1st offense. They have already filed for a DMV administrative hearing, and enrolled in alcohol classes. How long until you hear back about the hearing date? Do you get any type of license while you are waiting? What can you expect from the courts? Retained an attorney, but wanted to get a range of opinions.
You are probably eligible to enter a deferment program for first time offenders. Hire a DWI a attorney.
I have a new " Smart Start " interlock device . There has been a couple of times when I have drinks the night before.
Even if the device has never locked or show "violation" , would the machine report some BAC ? How about If i have a beer ,?wait a while and then blow? Would it be reported even if the screen shows "analyzing / then pass? (Does not show violations)
If the machine shows a pass, you've passed. That said, it's incredibly foolish to be drinking alcohol before attempting...
If the device says pass" there is no problem right?
I had drinks earlier and waited some time , then I blew and the machine said " pass" Will there appear even a little BAC,?
Did you blow into a PAS machine or device? PAS stands for Preliminary Alcohol Screening device. Some of the machines...
Can I get a license in Montana even though I have a revoked/expired Colorado License after DWAI charge in 2011?
My Colorado license was revoked in summer of 2011 after a DWAI charge. I am no longer on probation but I haven't reinstated my license because I can't afford insurance/reinstatement free in CO. The revoked license expired in summer of 2014. I'm considering moving to Montana and want to get a license, can I do so despite having the revoked/expired license in CO? Does the fact that the license has expired effect its status as revoked in CO?
In the last decade there has been a great trend where states not only share their driving record information (for...
Can i fight an MIP for misconduct?
So i was giving a MIP for a beer in my pocket on the CU boulder campus. I was waliking a very inebriated friend home because it seemed to me he couldn't get home on his own. when we arrived at his dorm cops stoped us and sat us down for the reason that we seemed drunk. The CU PD thought i had a beer in my pocket and when asked me to take it out i refused. So when the asked me to empty my pockets so i reached into both front pockets i pulled out my phone and wallet and upon doing so i was handcuff and promptly searched where they found the beer in my back pocket and gave me a MIP. Also when they asked me to sign the ticket, i refused and they told me I would go to jail and i still refused to when they gave me the ticket and sent me home. I want to fight this.
Obviously there are constitutional protections against illegal stops and seizures. You may have an argument to...