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My fiance is bringing illegal drugs into the home and I just found out. How do I get him removed from the apartment ASAP?
I discovered a bag of illegal drugs this morning. He denies using drugs but has a drug history in the past. Me and my son live here and I want him removed from the apartment. To make matters more complicated, I was arrested for DV against him and am pending charges on that. We are waiting for trial because I am claiming self defense as that is exactly what happened. The only reason I went to jail and not him was because we would not speak to the cops and a neighbor made a false statement.
You can not post a question like this and include identifying information. You are setting yourself up for having your...
Why I got charge for DuI and my License is revoked? No letter and the cop let me go. No warnings, no jail nothing.
I got pulled over Jan 2016. I got until a argument with my wife so I drop her off at home. I drop really mad and I got out from the driveway and the cop stop me. Ask me right away to do breath test I SAID no I'm not drinking so he told step out of the car, he did walking test. He said you been drinking I'm taking you to jail. When I was in the back of the police car. I beg the police I told tell him to let me go please. My wife and I been fighting and I beautiful daughter. Please let me go officer I kept beggin him. He stopped the car by Denny's and let me go. I called police Everett next day just to figuered out if everything was ok. The reception transferred me to cop he said if a cop did not give you ticket, did not took you to jail and he let you go. You don't have nothing to worry. About. Yesterday I start a new job Seattle times ask me to print out and driving record. I saw my driving record and it said "Refused to take the breath/blood test" Revoked- March 25 2016 - March 25 2020- violation 1-2016. I don't understand why the is on my driving record? If the cop let me go:-( can you please explain me. Thank you for your help.
Most, if not all states, have an implied consent law, where you agree to submit to a breath test, in exchange for the...
Will my ex get jail time for not paying dui fines or following anything else in his order?
My ex was charged with his first dui 10/15 and was suppose to make his first payment on 12/11/15. Now his docket says 12/18 PCN added 1/4 case removed from time pay agreement and as of 1/5 FTA ordered and FTA issued for amount due. He also is DWLS without installing the ignition interlock device which is suppose to be from 12/4/15-12/4/16. And his docket says 60 days outpatient and hearing is on 1/12 but I don't believe he's done that either.
Any non-compliance with the terms of his sentence can result in the court scheduling a review hearing and possibly...
I am in F1 status (student visa) in USA and i have 2 dui. I got married to Canadian Citizen. Can i apply for canadian residency?
Getting Canadian Residency
You need to find attorneys licensed in Canada to ask about Canadian immigration laws. This site deals almost...
If DUI's show up on fingerprint/background checks for a school district, is that sufficient reason to not hire you in the state
have taught 40 years and never lost a job or missed work due to DUI. All evaluations at work are outstanding from all employers.
You need to talk to a lawyer who practices Admin law for teachers.. .not a DUI defense lawyer. Review your employment...
I got a dui and hit a car.. When I went to the arraignment no charges of vehicular assault were mentioned. i am confused.
I have already had my arraignment and there was no mention of charges? How will I know if they are going to charge me?
Vehicular assault is a class b felony. It is generally only charged when there is great bodily injury to the person who...
Alcohol is expected at work. At a mandatory outing at a bar I relapsed. Now my recovery is ruined and my life is in shambles.
Wall of whiskey with a keg greets upon arrival.
consult with an attorney in your area in regards to any case or charge that you have. That person would be the best to...