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    Ciao! Michelle, Sasha and Malia touch down in Milan for a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister on the next step of European tour Fourth-floor balcony that collapsed and plunged six students to their deaths at 21st birthday party in Berkeley was 'only decorative' EXCLUSIVE: Medical student who plunged to his death in Berkeley balcony collapse posted sister's poignant drawing of smiling family just days before - to let them know how much he missed them FIFTH juror is dismissed from the Aurora theater shooting trial after James Holmes' psychiatrist tells court she was so concerned about his homicidal thoughts that she called his mother From the Obamas with love: George and Charlotte gifted a $150 toy wagon and an alpaca baby blanket by First Lady Michelle New York college student is accused of plotting a 'lone wolf' ISIS-inspired terror attack after he was seen scrutinizing the George ... (more)


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How can i avoid having my license taken away at arraignment without legal representation?
Pulled over for equipment violation, blew a 0.08, can't afford lawyer. I need my license for work and to drive to do errands for elderly family members.
Even if you are not eligible for legal aid or assistance, you still have the right to a hardship license and thirty...
Is a felony DWI grounds for not retaining security badge at airport in New York?
work at a restaurant at the airport, have basic security clearance, arrested for 3rd DWI recently, not gone to trial yet, the badging authority is changing their policy to state anyone "arrested" for a felony, cannot get a badge, nor be reissued a expired one, Driving has NO bearing on my job as a food server, am I going to lose my job as well? can I be discriminated now after five years because of this?
There is a big difference between being arrested or accused of committing a felony and being convicted of one. Are you...
If I am on probation in nys for second dui, am I still able to go on my honeymoon? It's also in nys
I am on probation for 5 years, I've been in treatment since before conviction for over four months submitting to strict urine screens every week. My wedding and honeymoon are next month, both events occur in nys
It depends on the conditions of your probation. Is it formal probation where you have to report to a probation officer?...
I surrendered my license for DUI, but am attending drug-court-ordered AA meetings that I need to drive to. Can I drive there?
I'm asking this b/c I saw paperwork on the kitchen table yesterday after my stepson attended court for his DUI. The paperwork said he had could drive his vehicle up until 2:00 pm yesterday. He was out in his car from 8:00 - 10:30 last night. My husband and stepson both claim he called his court appointed lawyer who said he has a provisional license "pending" and therefore could drive to the AA meetings. Never mind AA meetings are only an hour. I think they're lying and ignoring the law. I think a provisional license will be granted so he can go to school and AA meetings, but I don't think one magically appeared within 6 hours. I think he has to attend driving classes and jump through some hoops to get it first. Although he DOES have to attend these drug-court-ordered AA classes.
Best advice is you have your son contact DMV. Find out if he has a provisional license. Most times the DMV does this in...
NY, 3yrs interlock, no car, can I get my license and just not drive for 3yrs? Can't afford interlock device.
3rd DWI, can't get license until October 2015, 3 years interlock ignition device, no car. Don't plan to drive in next 3years, can not afford interlock . What do I need to do to be able to drive, 4 yrs from now.
I assume that your driving privileges have been revoked by the DMV for multiple DWI convictions. As such, when you are...
Can i get a false dwi off my record with dmv if i can prove thay have it as 2 counts and thay charged me the fine as well.
I have 2 dwis from last year and im about to finsh the drug court program next month.i found out that dmv thinks i have 2 dwis from the year 1999 but it is not true.i was charged with dwi im the year 1999 and put on probation i fled and was picked up on a new charge for drugs but the old dwi came up.i now have 2 dwi charges from last year but i found out that dmv had me with 2 previous charges from 1999 and thay even made me pay 2 diffrent fines.
Get a print out from DMV. Does it have docket numbers?
If I plead guilty to a zero tolerance case in ny do I have to pay the $750 assessment fee to the DMV?
19. Ticket for zero tolerance violation.
No. You should have to pay a $125 civil assessment and a $100 fee to terminate your suspension when the suspension...