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How can I be charged with DUI outside my car at gas station ? This will be second DUI last was in 1985
Was arrested at a gasoline station charged with DUI an possession of class a narcotics MY second DUI. No arrest for drugs in past what can Judge do
An experienced DUI attorney should review the facts of the case: both the police report and your version of the events...
May i get my cdl back on a dui.after 5 years.even though i have a pryer felony
Got pulled over in personal non-cdl vehicle.Provided breatholiser test.did the required program.Its been five years now.I have my class d license. Lost job and home because of this.What do i do?
You need to sit down with an attorney to go over the disposition of your prior case and see how long your CDL was...
Is an open container enough evidence to convict a DUI
I recently crashed my car, I'm not sure if I fell asleep but I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up , I was surrounded by paramedics who took me to the hospital. The hospital held me for 6 hours then realeased me. At no point did a police officer talk to me , so there was no failed sobriety or b.a.c. Test given. Also I was not read my Miranda rights. Today I received two letters from court saying I'm charged with DUI and open container , and the other letter charging me with reckless driving. I feel I have a case. What do you think ?
You need to hire an attorney. The government can prosecute you for OUI without field sobriety tests or a breath test;...
Trouble getting my license back after not guilty dui finding.
I was found not guilty of dui back in August. I did refuse a breathalyzer. The judge was going to take the request for license re-in statement under advisement. After not hearing anything for a month, my lawyer sent a letter to the court for an update. My lawyer got a call at the beginning of October from the clerk saying that the judge was still considering it, and would let us now in a couple of weeks. It is now the end of November and have not heard anything. My lawyer doesn't want to follow up again because he feels that if we do, the judge will get annoyed and refuse the request. Does this sound right? Do I have any other options? I have been without my license now for almost a year. This would have been my second offense if I was found guilty. Thanks.
Trust your lawyer. Your lawyer won the biggest issue for you - not guilty. You paid them for their experience....
I was arrested for a consecutive dui while awaiting trial for one. Both cases were resolved same day.
So I was convicted of 2 third offence oui same day. However, Revocation dates were run consecutive.Is this right?
If you are referring to the registry suspension than yes. The rmv doesn't care about what the court does for sentence.
How does the system works if the police didn't file cremial charges against me, can the court proceed with this matter. I told t
I went to test drive a car but didn't have my license the dealer ran my ss# and said I was good to drive. After leaving the dealer I got into an accident. The police arrived and said noithing..3 days later I received a citation driven on a suspended licence. The registry knows nothing can the court fie charges if the police didn't file a complaint.
The police are filing a complaint by giving you that citation for a criminal charge. There should be a courthouse name...
Can i re- do the medical test if i came positive in marijuana blood or urine test?
I quit smoking Marijuana for good, but i took this decision about a week ago..and when i arranged appointment with the doctor i totally forgot that it takes time. I considered because i quit i should be fine..but a friend of mine reminded me that it takes very long time to be gone from our blood and urine. Is it possible to re take the test after i am totally clean? This is for I-693 form
Yes it is possible but your lawyer will advise if probable for form I-693,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...