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How can i get my DUI lifted meeting out of state criteria?
In 2014 i got charged with a DUI , but i dont drink at all. when i got pulled over i had two pipes used for marijuana but I allowed a drug test so thats how that conjured up Into being a dui. It happen in DE but i had moved to MA for college and I would like to get my DUI lifted but everyone on DE ends kept misleading me for months and now I'm currently waiting for $160 refund because of them.. I just want to move my life forward its been years and they wont help me because I'm in MA is there anything! Any program that meet their 12 weeks criteria and 6 negative intones screening? I call places but its always seems like one or the other and never both meaning they can do the classes but not the screening and DE wants a place that does both and i dont know what else to do.. I honestly am losing all hope.
You can be charged and convicted of a DUI (aka driving under the influence) without being under the influence of...
How do FBI agents get away with getting people for DUI's when they have no means to equipment to monitor subject?
Friend is about to get a DUI from the Feds. Isn't this some kind of set up if they are watching the person and person is a law abiding citizen? Also, what type of laws come into play regarding time? Seems a bit unfair to me that you can get a DUI without knowing and then maybe get a second one because they are setting you up for the worst. Do not tell me this is untrue. I know it to be true.
Know way to know what is true or untrue without reviewing the facts and evidence. no way to guess if its a set up. No...
I have a trial date coming up and i feel like my lawyer as just given up on it and isn't really even trying.what should I do?
I have a trial date for driving suspended after an oui and I'm really scared because there is a mandatory minimum on it and my lawyer is being very quite and cold and not talking to me
Express your concerns with him/ her. Sometimes being "quiet and cold" is just the lawyer's personality, that doesn't...
Can I get a driving license in Colorado or any other state
I got hit with 4th oui in 2014 In mass,i serve 18 month in Plymouth county, is a way I can get a license. I see on web from some lawyers say Colorado is your best way to go. thank bobg.
You would have to ask a CO lawyer about your chances for getting a license in CO. My guess is that you would have to be...
Will I be able to get my mass drivers license back when my suspension is up from Rhode Island.
I got a dui death resulting in Rhode Island. I got a five year suspension for that. I'm from mass and my license was from mass. The suspension in to is up. Can mass continue or add on at suspension?
The specific question will com from researching both dmv's and or calling them or hiring a traffic attorney to do the...
What is the difference in Non-conviction and innocent for a dui in regards to traveling to Canada?
I was pulled over for a dui in 2013. Did all the required programs, it was a first offense with no priors, and have had nothing happen since. I ran a cori check and it comes up as a "Non-conviction", im wondering if that would prevent me from traveling via car to Canada.
This is not an international law question. Please consult with a DUI attorney. I have reclassified your question. Regards,
Can I get an oui on a breakdown lane parked in a car with no gas n the keys out of the ignition?
I got lost n ran out of gas so I pulled over on a woodsy road in the breakdown lane.Waited about 1 hour till someone stopped n said he would bring me gas but it would be another 45 minutes so I said ok.Then the state troopers drive over n asked whas going on then proceed to asked of I was drinking which led to a breathalizer n sobriety test.Then they go to talk to my friend in the passenger side and see an open container then procked to arrest us n search the vehicle but the keys were not in the ignition.
Being charged with an OUI is different than being convicted for OUI. OUI requires the prosecution to prove three...