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What is the difference in Non-conviction and innocent for a dui in regards to traveling to Canada?
I was pulled over for a dui in 2013. Did all the required programs, it was a first offense with no priors, and have had nothing happen since. I ran a cori check and it comes up as a "Non-conviction", im wondering if that would prevent me from traveling via car to Canada.
This is not an international law question. Please consult with a DUI attorney. I have reclassified your question. Regards,
How do I solve a 5 year old misdemeanor dui/warrant situation?
I was living in Boston and got 2 dui's within 6 months when I was 21. One court appointed lawyer told me I'd be fine because I blew a .08 and then a .13 and it kept getting postponed. I was trying to move back home (out of state) and the case was keeping me there. I then got a second one and my (different) court appointed lawyer never asked me any questions, when he heard the (mostly fabricated, excruciatingly vulgar) police report he told me guilty was my only option. I plead, then moved back home. I haven't been in any trouble since and just need my license. I've tried calling lawyers and can't get any answers.
Hire an attorney to recall the warrant and fight the case.
My license was revoked in New Hampshire for a DWI Sept. 2015 and I'm from Boston MA.
As I mentioned above, I am a Massachusetts resident who got a DWI In 2015 in New Hampshire. My license was revoked for 12 months in New Hampshire beginning October 8th and is suspended for 6 months which is stated on my NH driving record. Since my license is revoked in NH I'd assume it is the same in MA. I was wondering when I could regain my driving privileges back so that I could re-do the whole process of getting my learners permit and then license. I apologize if my paragraph confuses you a bit but I am seeking for advice because I would like to be able to drive and of course drive safely,
You need to look up your driving history--to see if NH notified MA. If they did you will have to satisfy NH...
Nh resident with mass oui
Nh resident always have been with a second in mass dui. Going to hearings in mass. The two year suspension is up. Now o have a dui from 17 years ago that is not on my driving record due to it being in differnt state. Can can mass find that and add my 2nd to a third? Even though im not a resident and never been. And all court and everything has ben done.
Yes. It can. It will likely run your national driving record to see if there have been any suspensions in any other...
Why do I have to see a hearing officer before getting my license back for OUI?
My driver's license was suspended for 45 days for OUI. I went to the RMV on the 48th day and they told me I first have to see a hearing's officer? Why? The judge told me in 45 days I could get my license back. I didn't drive during the entire suspension period.
How can the Mass. R.M.V. get away with a lifetime suspension.
In 1997 I was told on my 5th D.U.I. I would have a 10 year license loss. After departing W.M.C.A.C. and not drinking since, and beating the big problem.....panic attacks with agoraphobia. In 2007 I go to get my hardship license and was offered it twice (3 times before on the phone) at the R.M.V. and the second time my lawyer pissed the woman off and she wouldnt give me my license just after offering it. Then I hire another lawyer and go in front of the board. They tell me they are giving my licence back. But then the rep throws a fit and the board couldnt sit him down so they ask my lawyer if its okay to hold it over. I about freaked when he said 'yes' . I about toss my own fit in the hallway and begged him to go back in and accept my license since they were offering and he wouldnt listen. The next day on my birthday my lawyer called to tell me he misread the law and then the board slapped a lifetime suspension on me after their offering it. I dont see how they get away with this. I was told in 1997 it was a 10 year loss of license. And somewhere 5 -10 years after my conviction they change the law and I have not at that point reoffende. How do they get away with this?
Your problem is that a license to drive is a privilege and not a right. My suggestion to you is you appeal the...
Can a scram mobile(facial recognition device) be unreliable?
I am on pretrial probation for dui, I moved into a new house and was notified by the scram device people that they could not pick up a signal. Later that night when I took my test, it read retest in 15 minutes. I retested 15 minutes later and it seemed to work ok. I was curious about why it had read that, as I had taken a previous 400 plus tests with perfect results, so I called the scram people and they said that they did not get the test results yet. That was almost an hour after my first test, I retested again and waited for them to call me back they did and said I had a failed test and were puzzled at the same time. They said to walk around outside for a while until they could pick up a signal, I did and they called me back and said it was ok and to go back in the house. The next morning the police came knocking at 6am and arrested me. Does the scram mobile unit ever fail or give off false positives?
Any technology can give a false positive. You should contact your lawyer to discuss the details.