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If you are found not guilty of dwi do you still have to pay the 100.00 dollar fee to get your license back?
And do you get your money back from the bail bondsman?
If you are referring to the initial 30 day suspension and the subsequent $100 reinstatement fee, then yes it still...
I'm 42 i have 0.00 bac restrictions on my license. i blew a .05 and got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restrictions.
Do i have a good chance of being found not guilty?and would'nt that be a two for one win for me?
I assume that you have 0.00 BAC restriction on your license because you have two prior DWI convictions, where the...
My resrictions is a 0.0.i blew a 0.5 and i got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restrictions.Do i have a strong case?
i also passed the sobrioty test.and n.c. dwi is a 0.8 or more my restrictions is a 0.0 i blew a 0.5. But i got charged with a dwi instead of violating my restictions.Do i have a strong case?
I assume you mean 0.08 and 0.05, cause if you blew a 0.5 you'd be dead. You need to talk to an attorney, because it's a...
What's the penalty for violating bac restrictions on your license?
And you did'nt blow but a .06.and your restrictions were .0.00?
Usually such restrictions constitute a probation violation and can result in a number of penalties, including jail time....
Can you beat a dwi charge with a good lawyer, if you have 0.00 restrictions on your license and you blow a .06?
And you did'nt blow a .08 or more?
This is an impossible question to answer without any specific other information other than a low to moderate BAC test....
S it legal for someone with a beginner permit to drive with someone who has pending dwi?
Officers took my license for 30 days during booking but my girlfriend has a learners permit. can she still drive me around?
If your driving privileges are presently suspended for 30 days, you are not presently a licensed driver and would not...
Pending DWI in NC but moving to SC. SC lic will be lost upon NC conviction. Will NC recognize SC restricted lic for work in NC?
I work in NC but my employer is close to the SC line. Moving to SC with a valid NC lic (not went to trial yet) due to divorce and SC is more economical at this time. I realize SC will revoke my lic upon NC conviction and I can apply for limited or route restricted lic. Limited lic only good in SC so I'm told, but I am trying to see if a route restricted lic will be vaild in NC where I work to allow me to keep my job (meaning will NC recognize a SC restricted lic. since I NC is the place I was living when I rec'd the DWI)? If not, is there anything you can recommend that would allow me to live in SC and work in NC with a SC restricted lic. although I will be convicted in NC? Thank You.
Probably not, but you can also get a privilege issued by NC that covers out-of-state DWI convictions.