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I was sentenced 2 years probation and 6 months jail time 3 suspended ended up doing 45 days haven't got ged what will happen
What will happen when my 2 years is up I've done my anger management classes and I pay and see my po every month on time
Get your GED. I would not think your jail time or anger management classes will prevent this at all. Good luck to you.
If i blew a .18 is there a mandatory jail sentence that cant be waived by the judge?
I am 25 and I was arrested in shrevport louisiana for a dwi.
You need to contact a local attorney to help you with this matter. .18 is more than double the legal limit so the...
19 year old was charged with DWI. No prior convictions. need legal advice.
Officers had report of burglary in area. Our 19 year old crossed over the railroad tracks too fast, so they pulled him over as a suspect. They smelled alcohol present. He was sent to sub station for a breath test where he failed, not sure by how much. Officers told us he was borderline at the initial call. He was booked in jail after failing breath test. He has no prior convictions. please send legal advice.
Best possible legal advice - hire a criminal attorney ASAP
I blew a violation on my Interlock. What happens now?
The other night I blew a 0.1 on my interlock. The vehicle was off and I did not attempt to start the car not that it would anyway. I have the interlock as part of a restricted license that the DMV requires so I can reinstate my DL. I'm not on probation and only have the interlock because the DMV said it is now required after being charged with a DWI. My question now is if I'm not on probation and have no further dealings with the court as I have paid all my fines and attended driving classes is there any legal action that can be taken against me? Charged with a DWI or anything else? Or will they just extend the time period I have to have the interlock? I think the DMV is the only authority that monitors the results since I'm not on probation.
If you are in fact, not on any type of probation then you are not likely to suffer consequences for this violation....
Can the state of Georgia impose me to go to a DUI school and pay the state 200 dollars 22 yrs after the fact.
I got a DUI in Georgia 22 yrs. ago, and the state just now placed a hold on my drivers license in Louisiana, and demanding I go to dui school and pay the state 200 dollars to get my license released. I have been renewing my license all these yrs, and now this pops up, There must be some statute of limitation on this kind of thing.
Were you sentenced to complete the DUI school back then and just didn't do it? If so, it sounds like Georgia finally...
In the case of a toxilizer refusal in the state of Louisiana, how do I delay the suspension and negate/postpone DMV decision?
I know other defendants who have had MULTIPLE DUI's and have not blown and all of which have never had an interlock device installed. I overheard someone talk about a motion that was filed that basically delayed the decision of the DMV and once the hearing was granted, the suspension period was basically over. Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The license suspension is a civil matter, whereas the DUI/DWI is criminal. There are strict time limits that pertain to...
I was locked up for DUI in miss. State and they gave my keys to someone without me signing them out. What do I do?
They have no record of who they even gave the keys too and did not get my consent. Now I have reported car stolen and am confused about what to do. But I do know I don't have a car and no one is taking responsibility.
This isn't really a question for a lawyer unless you want to file suit.