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  • Cop secretly recorded 100 hours of ex-chief charged ...

    Thursday Dec 21 | via The Jersey Journal 

    Frank Nucera Jr., the former Bordentown Township police chief charged with a federal hate crime and related charges for the alleged beating of a handcuffed Trenton teenager, was surreptitiously recorded by a fellow police officer -- a lot. The recordings tally about 100 hours, Nucera's lawyer Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr. said Thursday after his client was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Camden, where he pleaded not guilty.


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  • Former N.J. police chief pleads not guilty to hate c...

    Thursday Dec 21 | via 

    I cover news and people in New Jersey, focusing on cannabis issues, court rulings that have an impact on everyday life, profiles of unusual folks and the disappearance of open spaces in the Garden State. After a former N.J. police chief pleaded not guilty to hate crimes in federal court in Camden on Thursday, his lawyer said he may challenge tape recordings that allegedly capture his client comparing African Americans to ISIS and offering to "be on the firing squad" to shoot them.


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  • Ex-police chief pleads not guilty to hate crime char...

    Thursday Dec 21 | via 

    I cover news and people in New Jersey, focusing on cannabis issues, court rulings that have an impact on everyday life, profiles of unusual folks and the disappearance of open spaces in the Garden State. Former Bordentown Township Police Chief Frank M. Nucera Jr. pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday to charges stemming from a 2016 incident in which he allegedly assaulted a handcuffed black suspect and later made a string of racist remarks, including likening African-Americans to the terror group ISIS.


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  • Ex police chief accused of assault, using racial slu...

    Dec 7, 2017 | via 

    A federal grand jury Thursday indicted the former Bordentown police chief on charges including using excessive force during an arrest, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. Frank Nucera, 60, who is retired from the Bordentown force, was arrested last month and charged with a hate crime assault as well as deprivation of civil rights under the color of law.


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Bordentown Law

What can we do to avoid conviction of charges if possible?
My husband was pulled over because when he was driving into the exit to 295 the car was touching the white line. The cop called it an improper lane change. As he was getting pulled over he had his signal on to pull over when it was safe to do so and the officer said he had his signal on for too long. That's two tickets. My husband smokes marijuana sometimes and he smelled of it. The police officer smelled it and found a piece of one he was smoking earlier that day. He gave him a breathalyzer and field sobriety test which he passed. The officer charged him with a DWI and possession of drugs as well, and reckless driving. He impounded our car and took him in. Do we have any way of avoiding the DWI charge?
More information would be needed regarding how he did on the field sobriety testing. Most attorney who practice in...
Under the interstate drivers compact, how long does a state have to report your conviction to the home state?
Client was convicted of DUI in NYC in July 2011. His license has not been suspended in NJ at the present date
I'm not aware of a time limit, though generally it happens within a few months. It is quite common for NYC DWIs to...
Can you get reimbursement for towing/impound if I was not charged with DUI?
If was not charged with a DUI, and blew a .07 and .078, but officer still made me have a friend drive me home and never told me my car was impounded. He did inform me I was not able to retrieve my car 12 hours later but did not actually tell me it was impounded, and only found out the next day when I went back to the station. Is there a way I may be able to get a reimbursement for the towing/impound?
No. There was probable cause to impound your car. That does not mean "certain result". If you blew a .78 it is entirely...
Is it possible to expunge a DUI in New Jersey?
I was arrested and convicted in 2009. My license was suspended for 3 months, no jail time. I have heard that there is a way to reopen the case to get and possibly get the conviction expunded. Please adivse. Thank you.
No expungement ever. A motion to reopen or post-conviction relief if you did not have a lawyer may be a possibility...
If i blew a .69/.07 and second time at .078/.075, Could I still be charged with a DUI and impound my car?
So recently I was stopped for speeding, and the officer asked if I had anything to drink tonight. Which I replied honestly and said 2 beers in the last couple of hours. He then informed me to get out of the car and did an FST, which he did not inform me if I failed or not and arrested me for intoxication. At the police department, I had to do two attempts at the breathalyzer which blew .070/.069 and second attempt at .078/.075. The officer did not charge me with a DUI, but when I started asking a question on why I was unable to leave and why I still was being detained he intimated me by saying that he could still charge me with a DUI and should be grateful he didn't. The Officer never informed me my car would be impounded but informed me that my friend had to come get me. He told me I was able to retrieve my car in 12 hours by coming to the station and that's where I found out that my car was impounded. I felt a little mistreated and was still charged with reckless driving and unsafe lane changing. Is there anyway I may fight this or reduce the charges and is there anything I can do about my car being impounded with my knowledge.
Yes, you could be charged with DWI based on the officer's opinion that this level of alcohol interfered with your...
How can I get my license back and an attorney that deals with that, I heard about post relief conviction. And a lawyer near me
My cousin used my license and got 4 dui's, I lived in Virginia at that time. Went back home, Burlington nj and got locked up and he is not going to step and say he was driving.
Click on find a lawyer and search for one who practices DUI law and is licensed in your state. Most offer a free...
How will getting a DUI in Oregon affect my New Jersey Driver's License?
In November of 2010, I got a DUI in Pennsylvania and PennDot never communicated the information to New Jersey via the Interstate Compact. So, my New Jersey driving record is clean. However, when I got the DUI in Oregon, they initially charged me with a 1st offense - but later found the DUI in Pennsylvania. They are charging me with a 2nd and will suspend my driver's license for 3-years since the conviction for the Pennsylvania DUI wasn't until April, 2012. How will this affect my NJ Driving privileges? If this is solely a DMV issue - Oregon DMV should see this as a first. When the Oregon DUI is communicated back to NJ will it be a first or second? I have a clean NJ driving record and the Pennsylvania DUI never appeared on my NJ motor vehicle abstract and my insurance rates were never increased by the PA DUI Conviction.
Any state will use priors in other states when figuring DWIs so far as I have experienced. So Oregon should treat this...