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If a drivers license is suspended for a DUI, is it immediately revoked?
Does the court provide any grace period to make travel/commuting arrangements before suspension or is is immediate upon a potential conviction? Thanks in advance.
Your drivers license is immediately suspended but some judge will give you a temporary licence to drive home but less...
Can an adjournment be requested for a DWI in order to hire an attorney without entering a plea on the spot at the arraignment?
For example if someone needs time to hire an attorney in order to discuss their case before entering a plea? Is it possible to request postponement at the first court date without entering a plea right then and there at that time? Thanks in advance.
Yes. The judge will enter a not guilty plea for you and allow you time to hire a lawyer.
Effect of DWI during a conditional dismissal for misdemeanor shoplifting?
According to C.2C:43-13.4-5 "If, at the end of the term of the conditional dismissal, the defendant has not been convicted of any subsequent petty disorderly persons offense, disorderly persons offense or crime under any law of the United States, this State or any other state, and has complied with any other terms and conditions imposed by the court, the court may terminate the probation monitoring and dismiss the proceedings against the defendant." Since DWI is not a disorderly person offense or "crime", I read this to mean it would be inapplicable to possibly violating the terms of conditional dismissal. Would you agree? Thanks very much.
Who told you that Driving Under the Influence is not a crime? it is certainly a crime and could very well lead to...
If a drivers license is suspended for DUI can someone still obtain a moped license or use a moped / electric bicycle?
Or if they already have q moped license, can they continue using moped or electric bicycle if their regular drivers license is suspended for DUI? Are they technically two separate licenses? Thanks in advance.
In NJ, your suspension applies to all powered vehicles - mopeds, electric bikes, etc. You will be using Uber for a while.
Dui question
My adult daughter had at least 3 dui's and many drug charges - was also caught driving on suspension. Presently does not reside with us in nj, been in and out of jail rehabs. Wants to return home to reside with family - I stated "no" because our nj insurance carrier along with other carriers clearly stated they would drop us if she resides with us (considered high risk) in nj. What is the law in nj regarding auto insurance and someone residing in your home that lost their license for 10 years and hasn't paid any restitution. Thank you
Insurance companies are allowed to set conditions for their policy holders. Your daughter is of such a high risk...
Where would a PENDING DWI case show up in NJ?
Where would a pending DWI arrest and case show up in background checks? Criminal? Motor vehicle records? Thanks.
At the court, on the police officers computer and in public records such as your tickets to name a few. A DWI is not...
When does a PENDING DWI case show up on your DMV record in NJ?
Based on my research, I am under the understanding a DWI does not get processed as a criminal arrest and processed as a traffic violation. My case is still pending. However, when are the tickets reported to the DMV and when do they show up on the DMV records? A ballpark estimate would be helpful. Does the DMV record include all cases (open and closed) or does it only include closed cases? Any insight would be helpful.
Nothing will appear on your abstract unless you are convicted.