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Is Taking my Dose of suboxone and then Driving a dui When I wasn't impaired in any way I have been on this medication a year
I was stopped By the police for Getting into a verbal altercation with Someone that I never even spoke that day I was asked to Preform some sobriety test I didn't pass Them i was arrested for Taking my suboxone While driving.
If you are taking a medication that has a warning not to drive when taking it you cannot drive while taking it....
Where does the police report future DWI checkpoints and can I refuse to take a soberity test?
I started working at night, and I am afraid about DWI checkpoints. My concern is that my eyes are really red and dry all the time, people always joke if I have smoke something and on the top of it I have an issue with my back that to perform some tests will make me failed. I was in a car accident and I have severe lower back and numbness in my legs, I also have a very heavy accent when I talk English. I am afriad that if I get stop a cop looking at my eyes and hearing me talk may suspect that i am drunk or high and then if he ask me to step out and do some physiscal tests may fail. How can I protect myself? Should I get a notice from the doctor showing my conditions I can get it from the eye doc and my orthopedic. Is there a way to know exactly where and when those checkpoints will be done?
If you have not had anything to drink or taken any narcotic or illicit drug, it is extremely unlikely that an officer...
If convicted of DUI and sent to 12 hours IRDC in Morristown, anyone know what days the class is?
Anyone know if it's offered on the weekends vs during the work week? And if it's always only on the same days during the work week does anyone know what days? Thanks in advance.
If you have already received a scheduling notice, you should contact the IDRC listed on your letter with any program...
Can the NJ DUI surcharge for DUI ($1000/year for 3 years) be paid monthly?
I always hear it's $83/month but can everyone get this payment plan or does one have to be below the poverty level or some other earnings threshold and if so what is the criteria? Thanks in advance.
Directly from the states website: You are encouraged to make payment in full. If you are unable to do so, you can...
What penalties can I expect for an open container in public?
This was in Rockaway, although court is in Dover. This was not an open container in a car, but in public. Great error of judgment. What can I expect in court? This is my first offense, aside from speeding tickets. Also, what would be the consequences of FTA, aside from a warrant for arrest, which is to be expected? A friend told me I would be looking at anywhere from 30 to 120 days for FTA and had better show up or have it postponed if I can't make it to the appointed date. That sounds like a lot to me. It's the only thing that's made me nervous. I have no experience with this kind of thing. It is my first mandatory court appearance. Thank you.
The penalty for a first offense is $200. The statute NJSA 39:4-51b. If there is a mandatory Court appearance, you need...
Does a judge have any discretion when sentencing a 1st time DWI?
If prosecutor doesn't agree to drop charge to tier 1 and someone winds up pleading guilty to tier 2 DWI, does the judge have any discretion in sentencing such as suspending license for just 3 months rather than 7 if the defendant shows sincere remorse and begs for leniency due to single parenthood, work, first offense, etc.? Thanks in advance.
The only discretion they have is between 7 and 12 months and on the fine for an upper tier DWI. If your blood alcohol...
If a drivers license is suspended for a DUI, is it immediately revoked?
Does the court provide any grace period to make travel/commuting arrangements before suspension or is is immediate upon a potential conviction? Thanks in advance.
Your drivers license is immediately suspended but some judge will give you a temporary licence to drive home but less...