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Consequences of probation violation for felony DUI
Individual on formal probation for 4th DUI was cited for PC 647(f), drunk in public and has a hearing for the new charge. This is the first probation violation (for this most recent DUI conviction), is this person looking at jail time? What are the likely consequences?
This person needs help. 4 DUIS and now a drunk in public. Hire an attorney and get into a rehab fast.
If I am convicted of a VC 23152(b) and another misdemeanor offense two months later will I have a probation violation?
My DUI and other misdemeanor offense occurred very close in time and I just want to get the cases over with and not drag it out any longer. Will I have a probation violation if I plead guilty to the DUI and one month later plead guilty to the other offense?
If the second offense happened after you were sentenced on the first, yes.
Is it possible to get a wet reckless after being convicted of a prior DUI?
What if it is a third offense? Can I get a wet reckless if I previously had two DUI (VC 23152(b)) convictions over the last two years.
Anything is possible but very unlikely. This is a 3rd DUI and you are facing 120 days of custody and possible...
In 2001 I got 2 DUI'S back to back. Judge was mad he gave me 45 days. Since then i never fixed my SUSPENDED LICENSE. In 2011, I got my first DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENCE. A month later I got one more . Judge was mad gave me 5 days. This year i got a 3rd one, plus Evading a DUI checkpoint, I made a U turn before I was trapped. -At the light and i was pulled over a block away. I was being charged with the following - VC14601.2 (A) VC14601.1 (A) VC16028 (A). I missed court and, now have a warrent of arrest, BAil: $5000.00
It is not unlawful to avoid a checkpoint, so that won't enhance punishment. That's the good news. Bad news is that a 3d...
DUI Case
My sister had a DUI and went to court and was given classes and other things she needed to complete before a certain date, since that time she has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and has been unable to complete the court orders. She has been given extensions from the classes that she needed to attend. Is it possible for the courts to throw the order out due to her condition and if so how would we go about getting that done?
She or her attorney would have to go into court and speak to the judge directly. DA will oppose any modification of...
What does it mean when arrested for dui and only a complaint was filed?
My boyfriend was arrested on forth dui. He was released to me and received no ticket and there was no bail. All he had was a court date. He did not show. Now there is a bench warrant for 100,000 !
A complaint was filed and he had a court date, what more do think he was entitled to? Now he has even bigger problems....
I was convicted of a wet reckless four years ago (now off probation) and now I'm charged with VC 23152(a) and VC 23152(b).
I lost my DMV hearing for these new charges and was sent a letter that my license was suspended for three years. Is that typical for a second offense? Can I get a restricted license?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....