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Fighting a falsified DUI / arrest report has left me with nothing. Is there help out there for me?
I have been fighting a falsified arrest/ citation report for almost a year now. All, my public defender did was keep me from getting locked up for fighting this case. But, not I am faced with PWS, probation, DUI classes, and fees. I refuse to continue paying for something I did not do. A CHP officer falsified an arrest report, and a citation report. I was in a car crash, but the driver fled the scene. So, they want to stick me with it. I have be unsuccessful in finding the driver. I need to appeal these charges. And, I now want to sue for everything this officer has caused to happen. I have nothing left. No, money, no car, no license, no work. Will somebody help me? Aren't there people out there willing to help, and get paid once we win??? I am so tired of this.
Were you convicted at jury trial or by guilty plea? If by trial, your attorney should have filed a notice of appeal...
Driving while intoxicated and leaving the country
In 2014 my brother was stopped in Ca - driving while intoxicated. He went to the court twice, pled guilty, was ordered to attend some kind of classes, pay fine etc.. Just after the court's decision, he decided to leave the States, and he came back to Russia. His visa was overstayed at that time. Now he wants to apply for a new visa and he wonders if he has a warrant. What can he do? His previous attorney died in 2015. Thank you for your help.
Priviet: Brother has two (2) issues to take care of: 1. Most likely has a bench warrant for his arrest issued by a...
I am a military spouse with an Oregon driver's license.l who currently resides in California. I was arrested for a DUI a couple
Weeks ago. My license was not confiscated and I was not issued a temporary license. My court date is schedule next month. My questions are: 1. Is my license currently suspended in California? I have been driving all this time and was unaware that my license may be suspended. I only thought to ask this question because I started doing more research on my DUI. I was never told my license was suspended. 2. Is my license suspended in Oregon? 3. Once I have my court date and when my license is suspended how long does it take to get a restricted drivers license? I need be able to drive to and from work. 4. Once I complete all the necessary requirements for the California DUI will the Oregon DMV be notified? I just want be sure both state records will be clear.
This is a very complicated situation as you're not only dealing with two government agencies the courts and the DMV but...
It's been 9 months and I still haven't got charged with a dui.
I got stopped by the highway patrol my bac was .186 they took me to jail they towed my car but the didn't put a hold on it I was driving it again in 2 days. I was 20 years old. I bailed out in a couple of hours. They gave me a court date and I went but they said my charges haven't been filed yet. It's been 9 months, an attorney told me they gave up to 1 year. I am 21 now . What do I do and what's going to happen? I've been told that sometimes they're so busy they don't even file your case if it's been that long.
Check with the court to make sure the DA hasn't filed the case. And contact a local attorney.
Somebody gave my identity when he makes a traffic violation in san Diego ca, that time I was living in Denver. One day they see
sent me a letter that I have a violation and to go court. In the court, they also say that I have different drugs in my car. I told them I live in Denver and somebody used my identity. Now I would have a trial on 4/19/17. I need your advice and on this matter
Is this a traffic matter or a misdemeanor? If its a misdemeanor then simply provide your photo ID, your photo shouldn'...
Can I get my DUI expunged after completing 3 year probation?
I have yet to file to reduce my 5 year probation to 3. But once I do, can I get it expunged? Does that usually happen or a rare thing? Details: I got arrested for DUI in August '14 and plead guilty in Feb '15. I was handed a 5 year probation which my attorney said can soon be petitioned to be reduced to 3 years. It is my first DUI with a BAC of 0.14 and no injuries or accidents or any other charges.
it is possible. it is helpful if you have completed all the other terms of your probation.
My brother was arrested for a DUI in San Diego County.
My brother was arrested early this morning due to driving under the influence of marijuana. He is 20 years old. Has a license. He has never had any other kind of offense or record. Also, he was going 115mph. He is currently in the holding tank in the Vista county jail. The cops advised him to pay bail so he could come home. My only problem is we don't have that type of money and I already for see thousands of dollars in fee's. Another issue is he is part of the dream act and I am worried his legal status in this country could be on the line because of his stupid mistake. Please help.
It may sound heartless but my advice to families in your situation is to pay the attorney first and then if you can...