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I have a DWI SES Class D Felony Conviction, I was wondering if there is a way of reinstating my Drivers License.
It's been four years since my last conviction which was my third DWI.
If you are unable to get a license in MO, you may be able to in CO.
Suspension/revocation of license?
My ex got cited for driving on a suspended/revoked license and failure to stay in one lane on a 3 or more lane road. What is going to happen with this (likely outcome)? I only ask because we have a family court case we are in and his license has obviously been suspended for some time and he was driving my children around with no license and I did not know until now. This suspension/revocation was for a DWI and that case is still going on too though he's under a suspended sentence (for now). What's possible outcomes in this situation?
The answer depends on how the DWS is charged. Take a look at Section 302.321. Punishment on a DWS can be as low as a $...
How can I get my dwi case transferred?
Cooper country doesn't have a dwi court,but St. Francois county, where I live ,does...can I have my case transferred?
Transfers do happen; however, they must be approved by your prosecutor and judge and the Drug Court Program. There are...
I was refused the opportunity to file for trial de novo for license suspension.
I attempted to apply for a trial de novo following an administrative hearing with the Department of Revenue in Farmington MO. I was advised at the St. Francois County District III Court clerks office that only an attorney could apply for a trial de novo, an individual could not apply. How is this not a violation of my civil rights?? I can represent myself in court proceedings but I can't file motions for those proceedings...that doesn't sound like correct information to me!! Is this a violation of my civil rights? If so what can I do now??
You are complaining about what happened in an admisintrative hearing not a criminal proceeding. They probably have...
Dwi/conflicts of interest/property damage
so to start off I went through a bad break up with the mother of my child, after 7 years of living with on another, and also we were stil involved up until septemeber 9th. i basically lied to police that i wrecked my car said i wasnt the driver they think they have dna evidence on the airbag. i already went through my admin. hearing getting licence suspended for 30 days have to take satop and get sr-22 insurance. my question is My ex fiance has been "involved" with the cop that breathalyzed me the night of and bringing this cop around my son when she gets to see him 2 days a week. is it a conflict of interest especially because this cop has driven by my home in his personal behicle and i have a witness to one night that he did, what can i do with this info>? my ex is also an emt in town.
First, don't make any admissions on a public forum, second... You need to hire an attorney in your area, police...
Live in St Louis MO, received DUI in Bloomington IL. Will I need a lawyer from Illinois?
First offense, mid fifties. Are my driving privileges immediately revoked, or does that happen at court date?
You will need to hire an attorney who is licensed in Illinois, though not necessarily ine located in IL. You may want...
Something fishy about this Field Sobriety procedure. ??
An officer had me do several field sobriety tests (fst). Nystagmus test, walk and pivot and one legged stand. All seemed to go well. He then had me blow in the breathalyzer. His partner motioned to see the result. The officer refused stating “I got this”. As though he wasn’t satisfied he had me do another test that I’ve never heard of. He had me stand with my feet together, arms down at my side with my head tilted back, eyes closed. Then told me to count from 30 backwards. I did this. As I completed my counting, 3, 2, 1, 0. The officer then finished his counting out loud… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. He then immediately grabbed my arms behind me and cuffed me stating "your under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs." Is this for real? I've never heard of it.
The officer gave you what is called The Rhomberg Test; however, it is really a modified Rhomberg for DWI purposes....