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I want to appeal a guilty plea I took on a dui. The purpose is to get a motion to suppress blood evidence reheard.
There was an alcohol swab used in the blood draw. This is a violation of the procedure. My attorney argued this with no case file(s) to support, nor did he offer any scientific evidence. The probable cause is also an issue, where my lawyer gently stepped around catching the officer in serious inconsistencies in his report and testimony. My lawyer said he didn't want to badger the officer and offend the court. I need to know, if and when I appeal, how far can I go before I can remand judgement back to district court ruling. And what, if any, ramifications I am subject to from district attorney taking back the plea arrangement that is already in place?
You can note an appeal to superior court within 10 days of your conviction. Once you do that you will vacate the...
NC: DWI dismissed for lack of reasonable suspicion. Judge orders "alleged refusal" suppressed. NC refuses to reinstate license.
NC attorney general upholds suspension and will not comply with order. DMV refusal hearing report does NOT list as exhibit, mention, or refer to the cop cam videotape viewed several times at hearing, but that proved my innocence in criminal court! In contacting DMV hearing officer about discrepancy, he refused to address omission. Do I have any recourse? This is ludicrous...can someone please help me?
If you had an attorney help you in court to get the case dismissed, I suggest giving them a call. If not, it sounds as...
Judge & DA granted motion to suppress stop. Implied consent offense upheld.
I find it very disturbing & depressing that I do not have the privilege to drive while drivers convicted of impaired driving do . Although I spoke with DMV over the phone in regards to my case & the gross police misconduct I'd been subjected to , all they could extend was an offer to review the courts final findings . Is there a manner within the law , after the 30 day window to appeal DMV's decision has run out , to contest my license revocation ? Does the DMV have the authority to re - instate my license ?
I need more information to give a better answer, but whether you can challenge the license suspension depends on why...
My license was permanently suspended for DWI in 1992
License was suspended permanently for DWI IN 1992. Received a stop sign violation 2 1/4 yes ago. Why do I have to wait for three yrs from date of conviction instead of one year. It was my understanding that drug or alcohol covictio s were three year extensions, but not a stop sign.
If you drove while you were permanently revoked, you were driving when you were not allowed to. And you picked up an...
Can I get convicted of dui with no evidence...just a officers word
Officer was at a house where I should up...Just was returning a scooter of the person that lived there. The man who's scooter I was returning collects aluminium cans. There was some in the back of scooter...which happen to be beer cans.. I was taken to jail ,
Moving your question to DWI defense. You will need to provide a lot more info because what you've written gives no...
Can I beat a Weed DWI in trial?
This is my 1st DWI with a clean driving record. I KNOW that details and specifics matter in a case. But have any of you beating a Weed ONLY DWI in court? I can't find examples of people beating a Marijuana dwI at trial. I WAS NOT IMPAIRED but because I was nervous and never been through it I was visibly shaking. I was asked to do ONE field sobriety test and I was arrested for dwi. They took a bloodtest and I suspect there will of course be Marijuana in my blood because it stays in your blood over a period of time. My main question is.. Do you know of anyone beating a MARIJUANA DWI in the state or North Carolina?
Please speak with your lawyer. You've asked about this a zillion times on avvo. Because these charges can sometimes be...
Is it possible to get my intoxicated and disruptive charge dismissed?
I was on my boyfriends private property. We were arguing and I had someone coming to take me home.
You may have been at your boyfriend's but apparently somebody called law enforcement. You definitely need a criminal...