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NC: DWI dismissed for lack of reasonable suspicion. Judge orders "alleged refusal" suppressed. NC refuses to reinstate license.
NC attorney general upholds suspension and will not comply with order. DMV refusal hearing report does NOT list as exhibit, mention, or refer to the cop cam videotape viewed several times at hearing, but that proved my innocence in criminal court! In contacting DMV hearing officer about discrepancy, he refused to address omission. Do I have any recourse? This is ludicrous...can someone please help me?
If you had an attorney help you in court to get the case dismissed, I suggest giving them a call. If not, it sounds as...
Judge & DA granted motion to suppress stop. Implied consent offense upheld.
I find it very disturbing & depressing that I do not have the privilege to drive while drivers convicted of impaired driving do . Although I spoke with DMV over the phone in regards to my case & the gross police misconduct I'd been subjected to , all they could extend was an offer to review the courts final findings . Is there a manner within the law , after the 30 day window to appeal DMV's decision has run out , to contest my license revocation ? Does the DMV have the authority to re - instate my license ?
I need more information to give a better answer, but whether you can challenge the license suspension depends on why...
I was arrested for a DUI a week back
I was arrested for a DUI last week and my court date is pending.I am an IT consultant and have a job already but i was also applying for new jobs and i as i am on Work permit so i filled up their paperwork 2 weeks back marking "I don't have any arrests" as i did not.Now i am worried that arrest will come up after the background check and i will be honest when filling the background application form. Can this hamper my chances of getting this job?
All you can do is be as honest as you can. If you were not arrested at the time you filled out the application, you...
I have three dwi on my driving record can I get one taking of my driving record My licesnce is in North Carolina. I ben told yes
My last dwi ticket was 2007 I have one in 2005 and one 1998 I just need one off my driving record so I can get promote. I already have my license back but I want to get promote and they told me no because on my dwi so I need one off at least.
No, there is no statute or law in NC I am aware of that allows you to take one of the DWIs off your record if you were...
Will I still get into college with a pending DUI charge?
I was charged with a DUI about a month ago. I have hired a lawyer who will keep postponing as long as possible. I am applying to transfer from a CC to a university this year and on the application they asked if I have any pending charges, which is a yes. How do I explain? I realize how stupid I was but this is the first time I have ever broken the law and I hope it doesn't ruin everything I have worked so hard for.
IF there is a place to explain then do it. If there is just yes or no then check yes. Never lie on an application, they...
What do I need to do to reinstate a Drivers license privlage in NC 11 years after an underage drinking charge when I was a minor
When I was 17 , I received an underage drinking charge while driving. I did not receive a DWI , however my license was revoked and suspended. It has been 11 years. I have come back to NC and went to get my license for here, and DMV states I am still suspended and can not receive my license. It requires me to show court documents, along with the DMV statement showing why it's suspended. These charges do not even show on my records when I requested them. I have no idea what to do now, or where to start. I was told i'd have to take some class about 16 hours, and pay a fee..but I had to produce those records, which are gone, I assume because it's been years and I was a minor? This is so confusing, it's keeping me from getting a decent job, and I have barely any savings , ughh
I suggest you personally go to the clerk's office at the courthouse where the juvenile matter was adjudicated and ask...
What are the consequences of my case of dwi?
first .i have to tell you that i m 31 and i rarely drink couple beers .like once in month and sometimes i stay months and months without having a single beer. and i never took or seen any kind of drug in my life. on the 28 th june 2015 i was driving alone heading to my aprtment from a friends house it was a party .i had couple drinks .i got stopped by police officer he asked me to do the breath test and i did it .i did it five times but one was reading .08...the officer was telling me that i wasnt doing it right and he charged me dwi with refusal of the i dont have driver license to go to my work . is there any chances to get a my driving privileges to go to work ..i just dont want loose my job cause i really dont have tranportation.
First you need an attorney. Use Avvo to find the best criminal defense attorney in your area. Now, to address your...