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me until 5 years have past or is it just an insurance issue due to higher premiums. Im realy wondering if its worth reinstating if no one will hire me until five years has passed. I need to find that special company who is willing to work with me after one year.
No but they may have policies or insurance companies may that make it difficult to get a job. But why would you not...
Also got ticke for open transpertaion. what am i looking at.
You need to hire an attorney to minimize the damages. You may have defenses, to the DUI,
please answer asap thank you
It is likely that your "privilege to drive" is revoked in WI, and that per interstate licensing compacts that your IL...
Any good lawyers wanna take this case?
Any plea or finding of guilt on the dui can be used to violate your fiancee's probation. Seek the assistance of an...
Driver also had 4 previous speeding tix. Was not charged with illegal trans for carrying open liquor, got court sup for 24 months and $1700 fine ... I am out $18,000 to replace totaled vehicle. Why doesn't zero tolerance come into play? Why wasn't she sentenced according to the law?
You don't have a lot of control over the criminal proceeding, but you can at least try to recoup your losses in a civil...
i need to find a lawer that can help me to get my liscence reinstated,
You might find my Legal Guide helpful "How to Choose a Lawyer for you.”
I will try re-phrasing my question in hopes for an answer. If I am convicted of a dui in another state but am a resident of Illinois, does it show up as just a misdemeanor from ____ state or does it show up as a Class A misdemeanor conviction in Illinois. I am asking about background checks. Does the arrest show up if by some miracle I am not convicted? Also will an employer be able to see that it is one single event in my life or will it look like two? One in the originating state and one in Illinois?
The Illinois Secretary of State maintains driving records on several levels: Public consumption, Court Purposes, and...