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I was under the infulence of narcotic pain meds gave an inaccurate statement the person is facing a felony charge.what can i do/
my husband is facing felony domestic assault charges from a statement i gave while heavely using pain pills.i have learned my behavior was the one that was bad. what can i do?
Speak to your husband's criminal defense attorney. Legal Disclaimer: If this information has been helpful,...
Can I get a 11 year to 11 years for a DWI 3?
3rd dwi
This is a DUI question, not a sex crimes question. I changed the practice area so you will get DUI attorneys to answer...
Can handheld breathalyzers be used as evidence to convict me of an underage drinking ticket in Vermont?
I blew a 0.03 and denied drinking any alcohol. If I go to court, do I have a chance at fighting it because they didn't do a calibrated breathalyzer at the station? I read handheld devices aren't accurate enough to be admissible in court.
Most states do not allow these tests to be admitted. You will need a VT lawyer to confirm this is the case there....
I was jailed for 39 days after a dwi, was not told job was in jeopardy, and told when released I lost job. Unemployment denied.
I have an outstanding letter of recommendation from employer, and had been with them 4 years. I believe I am entitled to unemployment. The job and the benefits are from Putnam County NY. I was not even told that I had lost my job until I phoned them from jail to check in, and was told I had been terminated 3 weeks earlier, with no correspondence from them. Please help me.
Not sure what your question is here. I don't believe the cops have a duty to inform you your job is in jeopardy if you...
If I am on furlough and parole in Vermont for DUI 4, would I be able to opt for jail time instead of the furlough?
I was arrested in 2016 on charges of Dui 4. I was sentenced to 3 years. I have done a total of 5 and a half months jail time for this offense, and the rest of the time in the past 2 years has been on furlough with conditions. I was released to furlough for the second time in September of this year. I have decided I don't like the conditions of furlough and would rather do the time in jail. Is this a possibility? Would I have to clear with parole officer, or with the judge?
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Is a deferred criminal sentence a conviction in Vermont?
I was arrested for domestic violence and accepted a deferred sentence of 12 months probation as I'm a first offender without a criminal record. My question is whether my deferred sentence is a conviction during my 12 months of probation? I ask because I'm wondering if it will show up as a conviction in the Vermont criminal information center? Thank you
Yes the domestic violence charge will appear on your record until the 12 month period has run. If you complete the...
Is it considered a crime to drive a vehicle with an expired inspection?
Worried about breaking terms of release for other non-related criminal charges I am facing. However, need this vehicle to get to work to also not break the terms.
It's not a misdemeanor; it's a violation of the motor vehicle code, like a speeding ticket, for which there's a fine to...