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Igot DUI in GA but I now live in Alabama can I get a license in Alabama
My license are suspended in GA for DUI I now live in Alabama can I get a license in Alabama
No. There are agreements between the states to keep you from doing this. In accordance with the Non-Resident Violator...
Will I lose my cdls for receiving a dui? Its my first ever and I blew a .131. Can u get the charge reduced or dismissed?
Leaving a party I was pulled over for one of my break lights being out. When the officer came he smelled alcohol on my breath..he did a test and arrested me. I am a truck driver with no points on my record, this is how u make my living and I do not know what to do if u loose my license. Should I obtain a lawyer or plea no contest or nolo?
You absolutely need a lawyer if you want a chance at beating this or getting the charge reduced. And pleading nolo...
Will I be able to get a drivers license in GA without restrictions?
I was arrested in NY for DWAI - drugs (a DUI) which is an unclassified misdemeanor. I have a CT license. Although NY did not impose the interlock device penalty on me bc it was drug related, CT has. I just got my CT license back with the IID restriction on it. Since GA is not a member of the DLC (drivers license compact), will they see this restriction on my license when I go to get relicensed there? I just moved to GA. Thank you.
GA DDS may not see the restriction, but you likely need to maintain compliance with the ignition interlock to avoid...
Police pull me over for having a car with a truck lift on 32 inch rims they say it's not legal what can I do
In the city that I live in there's trucks twice as high as my car i ask the cop why don't u pull them over he said it different with trucks I told him it was a truck lift with car body he said it doesn't matter since it's not a truck body he also said he's gonna keep pulling me over every time he sees me in my car can he do that?
You should check your local governmental ordinances to see if this is prohibited. I'm unaware of any state law that...
Can I be charged with underage drinking if I didn't take a Breathalyzer test?
Some friends and I had been drinking and were heading home when we were pulled over for a broken headlight. I was passed out in the front passengers seat. The cop was making everyone take a Breathalyzer test but when he got to me I refused. Yes, I had been drinking but I was not drunk, just exhausted (I'm difficult to wake up when I'm sober so the alcohol just increased the difficulty level). Since I refused to take the test I was detained for 4 hours and charged with underage drinking (I'm 20). So my question is, can I actually be charged if there is no hard evidence of intoxication?
You have already been charged. You are wanting to know whether or nor you could be convicted. If you hire an attorney...
I had a DUI in 1995 and got another one in 2009. How can I go about getting my DUI(s) expunged?
I had legal representation for both cases, but more importantly, I'm pretty sure that the 2009 DUI was actually treated as a 1st offense. Being as such, is it possible to have my most recent DUI expunged? It was proceeded in the State Courts of Georgia.
I am sorry, but even the new Georgia law in expungement does not allow those convictions to be expunged. They will be...
I was arrested for DUI 4/4/13. This would be my second DUI.
The first one I was arrested 7/27/07. When I go to court will I be charged with second DUI consequences or first DUI consequences since it's been over 5 years?
For purposes of minimum statutory sentencing, Georgia law requires the State to look back ten years. This law changed...