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  • Friends threw teen a prom after a seizure kept her f...

    May 24, 2018 | via Daily Mail 

    Armed bystander shoots and kills gunman who opened fire on packed Oklahoma City restaurant and injured a mother and her 12-year-old daughter in terrifying birthday party mass shooting Race-faker Rachel Dolezal is charged with welfare fraud after 'illegally receiving more than $8,000 in food aid and $100 for child care despite netting $84,000 from her autobiography' Thanks Trump! South Korea President Moon Jae-in is pictured with a grim expression as he meets with shell-shocked aides after the president abruptly cancels Kim Jong-un summit We're ready if Kim tries anything, says Pentagon, as they warn North Korean dictator tens of thousands of U.S. forces are 'in a high state of vigilance' 'We are one step closer to justice': Harvey Weinstein's victims celebrate news that the disgraced movie mogul will turn himself in to face charges of sexual assault in New York tomorrow 'My momma heart ... (more)


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