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Will I have to abide by Virginia law and my license be suspended for a year ?
I live in and licensed in the state of Virginia while on vacation in Indiana I got a dui I plead guilty and got a 90 day license suspension and fines as well a two days in jail this was my first offense. Now the DMV in virginia has been notified and my license suspended. My question is will I have to abide by Va law and my license be suspended for a year even though Indiana court only suspended it for 90 days and no laws were broken in the state of va.
In short, yes, you will not be able to avoid Virginia's mandatory one-year suspension of your driver's license if you...
If a minor, age 20, is very intoxicated and drinking can they press charges for assault?
Celebrating my roommates 21st birthday and we went to the local bar with my boyfriend. When we got back to our college apartment my roommates went to an all boy apartment. I went after them fearful of poor choices made while intoxicated. My boyfriend was taunted and harassed by guys in the apartment and left the apartment and I followed. A girl followed and when he was going to leave my apartment to get air and calm down she was coming in the door. No one saw it but she claims he hit the left side of her face and she fell to the floor. When I came out of the room seconds later I asked her what happened and she said she was fine.
Pressing charges for assault is just like any other form of legal action, so the short answer is 'yes' she can do that....
Can you buy a gun with a one year old dwi
I got a dwi last july 25 and was woundering if I was able to buy a gun for self defense purpsose
A Virginia attorney can probably give you a better answer; but in most states a misdemeanor level DUI conviction will...
How long does a 1st offense DUI stay on your record?
Happened in henrico county. Richmond, Virginia
Virginia does not allow convictions to be removed from your record so it will be on your criminal record permanently.
What will happen to me if I get pulled over while driving on a restricted license out of my restrictions?
In va
You'll get in lots of trouble. For starters, you will be charged with driving while revoked under 18.2-272. It's a...
Can I personally see a dash cam recording?
About 6 weeks ago, I was pulled over for swerving. The officer had me exit the vehicle and perform several alcohol-related tests. I am disabled and told the officer before any tests that I could not (ever) do them. The entire night was very strange and the officer did not conduct himself according to protocol (if not LAW). I was provided with a PD and a Request for Discovery was made for the recording, which the police Dprt. said they have. After 6 weeks, finally yesterday my PD says she reviewed the recording, and presented me with a transcript which is almost-completely false. I told the PD I personally want the recording. I fear something shady is going on, but cannot afford my own attorney. Advice?
Your counsel who is your eyes and ears reviewed the recording. counsel can request that the recording be reviewed again...
What penalties and/or jail time come w/ "Driving on Suspended License" if I have 2 prior DUI convictions?
I have two DUIs (within 5 years) and a Reckless Driving Charge (within 1 year). I haven't completed ASAP yet to get my license back, but plan to.
You should hire an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. I would suspect that the prosecutor will want...